Near Year, New Novels

I bet you’re wondering what happened during Nano, huh? I kind of shut up about it, and clearly failed the year. Well, the truth is, I hit that brick wall where every word is a molasses slog, a struggle to get a sentence onto the page. Usually that’s a sign that the story I’m telling isn’t quite ready to be born, so eventually I packed it in and decided to give it more time to gestate. BloodLust (as I’m now calling it) will be written, never fear, it’s just going to take a while for me to get the plot and characters straight enough in my head that I can write it. The first draft is maybe 20-30% written.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed I have more trouble writing in third person than first. I’d attempted a mix of third and first to denote different viewpoint characters, but I think I’ll revise it into being all first-person and change the fonts or something to denote different characters.

The Hunt, on the other hand, is 100% edited, typeset, formatted, and ready for conversion to ebook. Unfortunately, I hadn’t quite finished the cover before the last working USB port I had died. Thankfully, I managed to save up enough money to get myself a cheap laptop for Christmas to replace the awesome but aging machine I’ve been using, so I should be good to finish that up in the next month or so (after I get the machine, set it up to my liking, install the software, and find a few hours to set aside for the task). I’ll make another announcement when it’s available, of course, so stay tuned.

Finally, I’d like to announce a new project. We’re just starting work on it, so don’t expect it anytime soon, but Flutterguy (who goes by Kendranda when I’m not making up cutesy nicknames) and I have decided to create a collaborative work. You see, he loves worldbuilding but never seems to finish a novel, whereas I can write like the dickens right up until I hit a fight scene, when I flounder and sputter out. (For The Hunt, I had to solicit a ton of advice on how to make the fight scenes passable, and even then, they’re not exactly top notch to be honest, it’s a character driven novel at heart). So we’ve decided to do an Epic Fantasy novel, which rapidly turned into a series of novels since I can’t apparently write one book’s worth of plot and he’s having way too much fun designing countries to limit ourselves. So expect that coming maybe in 2014? Also I might need beta-readers when it’s nearing completion. For now, it’s codenamed The Weak Lion Trilogy. Tell your friends!

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One Response to Near Year, New Novels

  1. Flutterguy says:

    We still need a better code name…. Particularly since “The Isles of the Weak Lion” is a temporary name for the setting away way. That’s a temporary name based on a temporary name! That might be illegal in some countries.

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