Christmas Songs day 20: This Christmas

I was going to do a big showdown, Rudolf vs Frosty, today, but I have to confess, if I hear Frosty the Snowman one more flippan time, I’m going to crack. So you get This Christmas instead!

It’s a sweet couples song; no spiked drinks, no sleeze, just Christmas with someone you love, in that wonderful stage where you’re still getting to know each other so everything’s new and wonderful.

The first year I moved away from home, I was dating Chaos but I still lived in a dorm room. The room was one of those cinderblock-walled whitewashed jobs, where you can’t get anything to stick on the walls, and it gets horribly cold in the winter, and you feel so alone and it’s dark and cold and you remember you’re a thousand miles from home and you just get so lonely…

To alleviate the misery, I tried getting a tree:

Not the actual tree

As you can imagine, it didn’t help. It just made the whole effort seem that much more pathetic.

Every year since, I’ve lived with Chaos, and we’ve decorated a real tree (except when I spent a year in England). How much brighter and warmer the holidays seem when you’re with someone you love and have carpet!

Of course, all this was before I found my real one true love: Acapella groups 😉

(This video refuses to embed. Please click me.)


How’s your Christmas going? Hopefully nobody’s alone and miserable in a dorm room?

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2 Responses to Christmas Songs day 20: This Christmas

  1. Firedrake says:

    I had to go shopping yesterday, and they were playing a horribly twee version of Frosty the Snowman. I think that’s the first time I’ve heard it in public in the UK.

    The grapefruit and I aren’t doing much in the way of Special Christmas Stuff, but we’ve gathered some holly (which we put up with lights, instead of a tree – doesn’t drop needles, still looks lovely), and various friends and family members are turning up at various times. Mostly, we have a house we like, and each other. I am a fortunate ‘drake.

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