On mice

Some of you expressed interest in the mouse situation. Here’s what we’ve discovered thus far:

  1. There are at least two mice. Probably more, but two separate sightings have been of mice of two different colors: one brown, one black.
  2. The black mouse is the evil mouse, it doesn’t respect personal boundaries. It shoved its nose under my toes while I was on the couch and freaked me out
  3. The landlord put down what we assume are poison traps. I’d prefer live traps, but I didn’t have a say.
  4. We found droppings. They were hidden behind some jars on the counter. So we’re scrubbing that down now with bleach. Still no sign of tampered food, but we did find a mysterious juice spill nobody remembers knocking over. (And, oddly enough, the glass it came from vanished. But it was definitely juice. I’ve got to scrub it off my keyboard.)
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One Response to On mice

  1. Firedrake says:

    In my experience of mice they’re completely without fear or discretion as long as you’re not moving. (I’ve had one walk under my foot while I was up on toes.) The moment you twitch, they teleport away.

    I also like live traps, but I understand one has to take the mouse at least a mile from the trap site or it’ll just come back. (I’ve observed this at 1/4 mile distance.)

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