Christmas Songs day 13: Comedic animal songs

Today’s post covers two similar songs from entirely different countries. The first, and the one I’m most familiar with, is Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer:

The song was written as a joke in 1978; Randy Brooks apparently played it while sitting in with Elmo and Patsy, and they learned it from him and released it as a single the next year. It became famous first on country stations, then on Top 40 stations; in 2000, it got an animated film depicting the events.

As if that wasn’t humorous enough already, it’s inspired parodies, such as Grandpa Got Run Over by a Beer Truck, by Da Yoopers:

I used to love this song (the original) as a kid, but as time goes on, it’s become less interesting. I’ll gladly sing it once, at the top of my lungs, gleefully nostalgic, but the second time it comes on the radio I’m pretty much done with it.

Meanwhile, in Australia, they don’t have snow at Christmas, or reindeer. Amused at the idea that their Christmas music was totally seasonally inappropriate, so Ralf Harris wrote a more appropriate song:

This one’s also lighthearted, but more inspirational than Grandma Got Run Over. Much like Rudolf, the joey in the song has a special Christmas experience, though this one’s less about saving the day and more about a personal journey of magic and wonder.

I was going to stop there, but this little mouse keeps creeping into my living room (looking for the cookies I’m baking probably), so I thought I’d throw in a bonus song:

My mouse looks less like this:

And more like this:

And rather than joining me in my trip to work, he’s going to be live-trapped and released (if I can manage it, the landlord won’t get back to me), but so far he’s a decent houseguest: we can’t find any tampered food or droppings, so I suspect he’s just passing through on his way to an easier-accessed food store (maybe our neighbors don’t use plastic containers or something).

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2 Responses to Christmas Songs day 13: Comedic animal songs

  1. Firedrake says:

    Not knowing the slang, my first interpretation of the title “Six White Boomers” would only work for the US Navy…

    Mice don’t have voluntary control of defaecation the way primates and some other animals do, so if you’re not seeing droppings the mouse is only being there for a very short time. (But in my experience whoever came up with “quiet as a mouse” had never met one. They may have been thinking of some quieter animal, like the rhinoceros.)

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