Christmas Songs Day 10: Sleigh Ride

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling!

This song, I like. It’s a cheery, upbeat ditty about a romp through the snow with a loved one. Or rather, technically, inviting someone on a sleigh ride. Look, don’t these horses look festive?

Image by Courrier and Ives, mentioned in the song


This song wasn’t going to be on my list at all, primarily because I have so very little to say about it; it lacks problematic elements and I don’t have much of a personal connection to talk about. But then, everything changed.

Then, I found the Reliant K video.

This is why I love Christmas songs, this spirit of utter fun and silliness. Bunny-boy can’t seem to get Bunny-girl’s attention, so his friends steal Santa’s sleigh so he can take her on a date to end all dates. How awesome is that! I think it was the giant snowman that really sold me on it, though.

If you enjoyed the previous She and Him offerings, their rendition is more of the same; I don’t think I like their style personally, though.

Meanwhile, indie-pop band fun. has released a mellow, trippy version:

Ella Fitzgerald has a swing version:

I can’t find a professional version, but this song sounds really nice done by an acapella men’s choir, as evidenced by a group called Southern Gentlemen:

Or acapella female choir, as evidenced by a group called Gracenotes:

Is it snowing where you live, readers? I don’t have any snow sticking yet near me 😦 I wonder if I can find a place that does sleigh rides?

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2 Responses to Christmas Songs Day 10: Sleigh Ride

  1. Firedrake says:

    Harry Connick Jr is usually good value… but the Reliant K music doesn’t really do it for me, just too slow, and if you’re looking for problematic, “the way to win a woman’s affection is to steal a car and drive dangerously”. 🙂

    I’m a sucker for harmony, so those two a cappella versions are probably my favourites.

    No snow here just outside London, though there’s been a little further north. Plenty of thick frost on the ground a few days ago, and frozen puddles in the woods.

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