Christmas Songs day 6: Will and Shiroi Koibitotachi

Let’s voyage into less known winter songs yet again, shall we?

These aren’t Christmas songs per se, but they’re some of my favorite winter songs. See, these songs are J-pop tunes, both covered by Boys II Men in one of their acapella albums, “Winter/Reflections”. “Will”, originally by Mika Nakashima, is thematically wintry, dealing as it does with memories, dreams, and regrets:

(and can I just say, I adore the lyrics? “Some rely on fate / but it’s not the only way / this is my destiny / this is my will”)

Here’s the original:

The second song I’m discussing here is more overtly wintry. Shiroi Koibitotachi, or “Snow White”, also has similar themes of loneliness and regrets, but with a backdrop of snow and cold making it almost haiku-esque in its appeal to the season. Here’s Boyz II Men:

The original appears to be a hit from 2000 by Keisuke Kuwata.

This might be it:

Here’s an instrumental by 12 Girls band:

And if you’re into Vocaloids, here’s Hatsune Miku:

The album (“Winter/Reflections”) is worth picking up; it’s half J-pop covers and half more traditional music covers (I’m sure you’ll see some of them pop up this month on the blog). I bought it for the Christmas songs, but find myself loving the J-pop covers more and more each time I listen.

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2 Responses to Christmas Songs day 6: Will and Shiroi Koibitotachi

  1. Firedrake says:

    I have a perverse fondness for quite a bit of J-pop in spite of not speaking more than a couple of words of the language; I think I can concentrate better on vocal quality and arrangement when I’m not also listening to words.

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