Christmas Songs Day 4: Santa Baby

Today we’re taking a look at Santa Baby, also known as “The sexy Christmas song”. Here’s the original, sung by Eartha Kitt:

It’s hard to deny the raw sexuality inherent in this piece. The woman is clearly banking on her “feminine charms” to entice things out of Santa, which is problematic when you consider the stereotype that certain women don’t or can’t support themselves, instead “leeching” off rich men, earning themselves the moniker of “golddigger” for their troubles.

On the other hand, we have a representation of female sensuality and sexuality without demonizing it — this is clearly a lighthearted Christmas tune, not a condemnation, despite being originally recorded in 1953.

Cover versions have gone a number of ways. Kylie Minogue seems to turn up the sexuality:

And Shakira goes for a breathy, seductive sound:

Whereas Taylor Swift seems to ignore the implied sexuality altogether:

And Madonna goes for a more Betty Boop feel:

Why do materialism and coquettish flirting go hand in hand? Because according to many sources, that’s what makes up a woman: an addiction to shopping and obtaining flashy presents, and flirty seduction that’s never followed up on.

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2 Responses to Christmas Songs Day 4: Santa Baby

  1. Firedrake says:

    [gnashes teeth]

    Actually, I think what annoys me more than women getting stuff out of men by flirting is men falling for it.

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