Raven Wings Christmas Special!

So I’ve finally decided (with a scant week to spare!) what to do for this year’s winter special: I’ll be doing a Christmas (or otherwise Winter Holiday themed) song deconstruction every day! I’ll try to mix it up, do some secular, some religious, some awesome, some terrible, some well-known, and some esoteric. I’ll do some research into each song as well, and be linking videos to particularly good (or terrible) renditions. And I might even sing some!

I’ll run some contests too I think, but for now, feel free to suggest songs you want me to cover, I’m still compiling the master list. (by which I mean I think I have ten songs? Gulp.)

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3 Responses to Raven Wings Christmas Special!

  1. smilodon says:

    I’ve always felt “baby it’s cold outside” needs Deconstructing…

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