Easily Amused: The End

Chapter thirty-six

Chad bursts into the living room where Hubert and Lola are playing Scrabble demanding to know where his fiancee is. He insists she had to have come here because it’s exactly 22.2 miles to Lola’s house and Mindy drives 44.4 miles round trip every time she comes over. Belinda’s dog goes missing again, and they find him in Ryan’s garage — right by Mindy’s car.

Chapter Thirty-seven

So they steal her car. Ryan has 0 emotion for Lola during the entire shitstorm. Chad dumps Mindy, who has to move back into their parents’ home. It’s too late to cancel the cake or the wedding hall, so they move the block party indoors and make it a dinner thing, thus getting the parents their deposit back.

Brother Jasper Exposition party!

“I don’t want to muddy the man’s name, but I did hear he’s a player.”

“He dates a lot of women?” […]

“Also he doesn’t have a job, from what I hear. His family has some sort of trust fund set up for him, but he’s always running out of money. […] But wasn’t it odd,” Brother Jasper said, speaking into my ear now that the music started up again, “the way Belinda’s little dog was in that closed garage?”

God did it? I dunno, what’s he getting at?

Ryan left town again and hasn’t come back, leaving Mindy all sad and alone. Boo friggan hoo.

Myra’s the babysitter for Piper! OMG best ending ever!

“You’re really something else, Hubert Holmes.”




I got nothing.

The book ends with Hubert giving Lola an engagement ring — her aunt’s. She left her the house so she’d get to know the people on King Street because Lola’s always been a loner.


I’m not sure what to think now that all’s said and done. I mean, it’s still the WORST BOOK EVER, but it did grow on my a little toward the end. As you saw in my video review, I even lol’d at the badness, which is a sign it’s straying into So Bad It’s Good territory.

Still…. I’ve got to think of something suitable to do to Kae for making me read it. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, and I guess I need another terrible book to read…..

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4 Responses to Easily Amused: The End

  1. Firedrake says:

    I realise you’re summing up because goodness knows you’ve earned the right to be fed up with this, but even so it seems pretty abrupt. Hubert’s worked his way up from contempt-monkey to as close as Lola can conceptualise to a friend, but an engagement still seems as though it should be a long way off. Maybe it’s just me.

    Also: no white slavers. Or hungry dragons. (Though possibly a teleporting dog.) I am disappointed now.

    Having done Fiction for Generic Women, how about Fiction for Generic Men with a technothriller or spy story?

    • yamikuronue says:

      They kind of ended up with “We’re not really engaged but he gave me a ring LOL isn’t that adorbz, btw we’re totally getting married someday.”

      Ooh, that sounds like a good idea!

  2. Skyknight says:

    I suppose next for lancing is McQuestion’s faerie book for children…?

    Still, one has to wonder what’s going on if this book got so many accolades from the populace at large. As in, what’s going on with the populace’s philosophies.

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