Easily Amused video post! Ch 34-35

I was considering doing a video for the last chapters, but Kae requested that I do this set instead, so, Video Post!

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One Response to Easily Amused video post! Ch 34-35

  1. FIredrake says:

    Doing image searches for “1-carat diamond” and “3-carat diamond” suggests that it should be possible to distinguish those two, at least. Mostly because the latter are in really terrible taste, at least to my eye. And as for the 5-carat ones…

    I have been very very very drunk in my time, but I have always made it home unaided and into the bed I’d planned to be in.

    Now I will claim to have shared sensations with a lover, but I don’t think that’s a thing everyone does.

    I’m picking up LaHayeian levels of tell-not-show – if he was angry, why not depict that in real time rather than describing it later?

    It sounds like rather a good thing for Lola that her terribly clever scheme is falling apart; otherwise she’d eventually have noticed that she was being a prostitute. OK, given her general level of acuity, it might have taken a few years.

    Mindy has been kidnapped by white slavers! Yay! Lola’s dress will make her shiny enough to attract the attention of hungry dragons! More yay!

    When words fail you, they fail you thoroughly! Seriously, some of your facial expressions (particularly when searching for “dodger dog” and at the start of chapter 35) are great.

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