Easily Amused ch 30-31

We’re back, folks, and this time I have cookies. I’m told they’re better for my blood pressure than this book. Let’s do this.

Chapter thirty

Garbage night on King Street was an event. Up and down the block the perfect line of the curb was interrupted by bags and cans and blue recycling bins.

I think Lola needs to check the definition of the term “event”. WTF?

Hubert suggests moving out. Lola tells him stay as long as he likes.

Days pass. Ryan’s out of town. Nothing in the previous chapters is discussed. Not much happens. She’s not quite as bad as Bella with her three months of blank pages, but we jump rapidly to Friday when he returns. She immediately agrees to leave work early, faking a headache and bitching about how nothing will get done without her (because she’s so crucial  to the operation of the magazine that she doesn’t think twice about ditching work).

They drive to Lake Michigan to watch people fly kites. Is that a thing? Who does that?

“The kites remind me of Japanese dancers,” Ryan said.

Huh? I didn’t see it myself. Did he mean the movement or the colors or what? Certainly he couldn’t mean it literally — dancers, Japanese or otherwise, were people and grounded, whereas these kites were geometric structures swaying in the wind.

Lola. The phrase “remind me of” already implies “is not identical to”. Otherwise he’d have said “look like” or “are just like” instead of “remind me of”. It’s not that much of a stretch. I just. What is this.

Bored now.

Ryan had the balancing skills of a flamingo

That’s an unusual compliment.

“This is a great way to spend an afternoon, huh?” he said as we walked.

“Great,” I said. This lying got easier all the time. Could I be the only one bothered by the sharp pebbles on the beach? How could he not feel the constant poke with every step?

This is not a healthy relationship.

Lola hates the entire date except for Ryan. Ryan spends the entire time bragging about how well traveled he is.

Chapter Thirty-one

On the way back, Ryan claims he has to stop at a client’s house to pick up a check. Naturally, it’s a huge mansion on the lake front with amazing gardens. Anyone else not impressed by how hard he’s trying to seem impressive? Because I’m definitely not impressed.

Lola pokes around the glove box!

A lease agreement from a car dealership in Milwaukee. It had Ryan’s name on it and another name: Arthur Moriarty. It listed the Jaguar as the leased vehicle.

OMG we’re FINALLY addressing this! So Ryan’s a lying liar who lies, just as we all suspected.

Ryan returns with check — and pursuit.

As we pulled away, I heard her yell, “This is the last time, Ryan. I mean it. Never again.”

Ten to one he’s actually just bummed money off his mother or something. To distract Lola, he offers to take her to the swankiest place in town for dinner!

85% completion.

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3 Responses to Easily Amused ch 30-31

  1. Firedrake says:

    This is one of my arguments with fiction. Fiction can fade to black, end the chapter, or otherwise time-skip over something, but this leaves artificial cliff-hangers. Someone just said something that really needs to be answered; why is nobody answering it?

    Mooching off an ex-SO would be nastier, but I’m only saying that because I want everyone in this book to die in a fire.

  2. Jarred H says:

    Anyone else not impressed by how hard he’s trying to seem impressive? Because I’m definitely not impressed.

    All the people who impress me have one thing in common: They have never tried to impress me. They have simply been themselves. I eventually — and usually quickly — realized that who they were was awesome.

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