Easily Amused ch 26-27

Chapter 26

Oh right, we’re in the aftermath of sexual assault.

“Go get dressed,” I hissed at Hubert. “I’ll think of some explanation.”

Because of course she has to explain, it’s her reputation at stake.

“What’s to explain?” He glanced over at the window. “It’s not their business, is it?”

Why would it be the business of the person she just started dating that she’s kissing someone else? Obviously his feelings aren’t important in the least. 0/2 on the sensitivity today, Hubert.

“Did we interrupt something special, or is this how things always are around here?” [Mindy] tossed her head, and her curls glistened.

Fuck you, Mindy.

I’m just so not even into this story, guys.

I noticed for the first time that [Ryan] held a carafe of what looked like fresh blood.


“It’s my own hangover cure,” he explained. “Tomato juice and Tabasco sauce and a few other ingredients I can’t reveal.”

Like fresh blood because he’s a VAMPIRE!

Mindy’s around because she was going to see Ryan on some flimsy excuse. He drove her home the night before. Obviously they’re going to end up together. I don’t even care.

Nobody mentions the kiss again for like six pages. That strikes me as a little… unusual.

Lola flirts with Ryan, which is actually almost cute. They hold hands. Ryan doesn’t even care about the kissing thing at all.

“He’s gone through a lot lately, and one thing led to another. We were having a moment.”

Is that a thing, readers? Do people regularly just “have a moment” and snog the everloving hell out of whoever’s standing nearest? Because that’s never, ever happened to me. Maybe that’s because I have these strange ideas about not kissing people who just finished telling me how they don’t want a relationship, and how consent matters in any kind of sexual content. Silly me. Excuse me while I go have a “moment” with Kae over his choice of book.

Now that I’m back with my own carafe of blood, the fake-marriage plot is back on. Yay. How exciting.

Ryan flirts, Ryan kisses, Ryan reminds Lola of Hubert,

he leaned in again with his mouth still in a smile, like a vampire in a movie.


Their big lips-kiss is interrupted by Brother Jasper! Jasper, come save me from the horrors of this book, you’re the one untainted character left!

“You know, Lola, when you get a chance, do you think you could stop over some time? I’d like to talk to you about a few things.”

Please not the block party again. Or even worse, the neighborhood watch committee. “Is something wrong?”

“It’s just–” He paused and gave me a half smile. “I’ve lived here for a very long time, and I have a few cautionary tales.”

Brother Jasper: rescuing Lola from herself.

Good lord, the man’s very voice oozed with sexuality.

Mm, sexy Jas– oh wait, you’re talking about Ryan. Nevermind.

Chapter 27

“There’s something indescribable between a man and a woman when they’ve been intimate. Anyone who’s ever experienced it would pick up on it. And why let them have even a shred of doubt? […] I know what you’re thinking, […] it sounds like I’m trying to maneuver you into bed for my own evil purposes.”

I’m out.

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One Response to Easily Amused ch 26-27

  1. Firedrake says:

    Hello there, Chapter 27. I have to say… you’re completely wrong. It’s quite hideable, and I’ve encountered that as a hider and as an observer.

    Also, um, yay consent? And while I can appreciate the allure of the dangerous, could we at least maybe sometimes have someone saying “yay consent, boo non-consent” in this kind of book?

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