This Week: The WTF-athon!

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve ragequit Easily Amused.

I finished the book this weekend; all the posts are written. However, starting with what would be this week’s normal post, they’re short and I just don’t care about the book anymore. Therefore, I’m giving you guys a treat: A week of Easily Amused.

Tomorrow, instead of TPD, I’ll be putting up the next Easily Amused post. Then, there’ll be a post a day, finishing with a video post on Saturday and a final exposition on Sunday.

I’ll only be doing the one deconstruction (TPD) during November, due to nanowrimo; however, I will be taking suggestions for something Christmassy to do in December (something short, please!) and something else to do starting January.


(oh yeah, a disclaimer: if you’re opposed to all caps, strong language, and/or sexual content, you might want to give the WTF-athon a pass. The sexy bits are in the video post.)

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One Response to This Week: The WTF-athon!

  1. Firedrake says:

    Does it count as ragequit if you finish the job first? The civilised and polite version, perhaps…

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