So I’ve got this weird… fluttering in my chest. It’s not painful, though it’s happening with alarming frequency and I’ve also been having chest pain. I’m kind of worried it might be Atrial Fibrillation? Anyway, add that to the general “being in pain” and “not sleeping well” and I’m pretty much going to conk out early tonight without writing my TPD post, so, no TPD this week.

I do have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow — a sports medicine doc, but I bet she can tell me if this is something I should have a GP look at or what. Easily Amused is a lot less taxing to write so that might end up going up as usual.

In happier news, who’s doing Nano with me? It starts next week, and I’ll be putting up my word widget as usual. Flutterguy will also be participating. I hope to have The Hunt released by Christmas, and Nano will give me a starting place for the sequel to Wolfbound. Wolfbound was a lot easier for me to write and edit, since I aimed for a more natural tone, so hopefully that’ll come out next spring instead of over a year later >.> Sorry about that, but when you see The Hunt you’ll probably understand. It’s a very different voice for me and I keep not being satisfied with the work and thinking “just one more round of tweaks”.

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