TPD chapter 26 pt 1: Marshall

Marshall was seeing red, and was so angry that he parked crookedly across two parking places in the Courthouse Square parking lot.

Watch out, we got a badass over here

Seriously, though, this ought to be the part of the book where the protagonist, who has been failing and failing, starts to fight back and prove his worth.

It’s now 3pm on the dot.


Okay, sure. It’s now 3pm. It took something like 9 hours for Marshall to get to the hospital and check on Bernice I guess.

Sara’s gone, replaced by some woman named Barbara who has no idea who Sara is. Chief Brummel is waiting for Marshall already — which doesn’t phase him.

If the door latch would have given the slightest resistance, it wouldn’t have survived Marshall’s entrence.

The conference room is full of people, people tied up in the conspiracy. A judge, a Fire Marshal, a Detective, the mayor…

He starts out swinging, asking which of them beat “the ever-living daylights out of my reporter”. First of all, daylights are alive and always will be? Secondly, it’s his reporter, his personal property, which is why he’s so upset.

Brummel responded, “Marshall, these things happen to people who aren’t careful.”

Marshall smeared some descriptions on Brummel like icing form a sewer trap

What…. wait what? What the fuck? I don’t understand like… any of that sentence. Anyway, Marshall delivers a big long speech about how all of them are evil and betraying the confidences of the people they’re meant to be representing, serving, et cetera. They point out he has nothing to print that can link them to the misfortunes that made people leave. Furthermore, as far as the record shows, the people whose homes were lost didn’t pay their taxes, and the college has no financial hardships at all.

“I have records, I have proof, Baylor, that you’ve embezzled Whitemore College out of millions.”

Brummel piped in, “You have no proof, Marshall. You have no records.”

Marshall had to smile. “Oh, you ought to just see what I have.”

Young said simply, “We have seen it. All of it.”

Marshall had that feeling deep inside that he had just stepped off a cliff.

Damn, this is getting interesting.

Young goes into your standard babble about trying to change the world for the better and loose the shackles of religious intolerance. Then we get this exchange to remind us that this is a strictly Christian book:

“Where does God fit into all this?”

Young gave a resigned shrug and said, “We are God.”

Marshall finally did sink into a chair. “Either you people are crazy or I am.”

This sounds suspiciously like the Lunatic, Liar, or Lord  trilemmia. If two people believe different things, one of them has to be insane. Nobody is allowed to be simply mistaken; they can’t both be partially right and they can’t both be wrong. Since we’ve seen angels floating around, therefore, Young is insane.

And why should this pagan-esque Universal Conciousness theory fit nicely into little Christian boxes of God vs Devil, Heaven and Hell? Do people like Peretti honestly believe that Buddhists go to a church and worship their Savior the Buddha who they equate to the Christian God but who is secretly a demon in disguise because that’s the only other option? (Probably. But it’s kind of sad.)

“It is nothing more than the final destination of man’s evolution”

Also a sad little dogwhistle, since I’m pretty sure the intended audience already “knows” that evolutionary theory leads to evil and cruelties by rejecting God, so tossing the word “evolution” into the sentence brings up that bogeyman. For the record, there’s no such thing as a “final destination for evolution”. The evolutionary process simply favors the changes that make an organism fit the environment better. Beings like crocodiles are pretty damn adapted to their swamps, so they haven’t changed a lot in a long while, but if you took some crocodiles and dropped them on Mars and they managed to survive, in a billion years they’d be totally different because they’re adapting to a new environment.

“The alternative is to perish.”

While that’s correct or our crocodiles on mars example, mankind pretty much is well adapted to our niche as supreme rulers of the planet.

Oh, and then they took away Marshall’s paper. It seems he hasn’t paid his taxes, or paid the printer, and on top of that his daughter is filing claims of sexual assault….

We’ll get back to Bobby Corsi and the exorcism next week.

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7 Responses to TPD chapter 26 pt 1: Marshall

  1. Firedrake says:

    Ah, you hit one of my peeves. When a sci-fi show describes some aliens as “more highly evolved” than humans, I tend to start throwing things.

    I realise that these people have to be strawman bad guys, but wouldn’t it be more interesting if they weren’t? If there were a real argument to be had? I haven’t read the book, but I assume these bad guys are basically New Age Satanists – at which point they’d surely not be sneering like serial villains, but saying “look, nobody goes hungry, nobody’s out in the streets, we’re living longer… what’s your problem?

    • yamikuronue says:

      The real issue with their ideas seems to be that they disregard the right of people to opt out. Other than that, they seem to be preaching that we all merge our minds into one giant universal consciousness, which grants us psychic powers and makes Communism a workable economic solution.

  2. Your statement above “Do people like Peretti honestly believe that Buddhists go to a church and worship their Savior the Buddha who they equate to the Christian God but who is secretly a demon in disguise because that’s the only other option?” is absolutly true. Most of the people who believe this claptrap, really think that all other religions are worshipping / following demons and either are doing it on purpose out of rebellion to God, or are deluded and misled.

    And they have cultural insulation about it as well. “Read the Bible and pray that God will reveal himself”, “I’ve done that and nothing”, “Oh you poor, poor person, you must not have been sincere enough, or must not have done it right, because if you do it correctly God will reveal himself”

  3. Alix says:

    So this is completely tangential, but “ever-living daylights” is a pretty common idiom ’round where i am, for what it’s worth. Maybe i run in odd circles, idk. XD I’ve also heard variants such as “ever-loving daylights” and variants that replace “daylights” with other nouns, usually tar. I have no idea where the idioms come from.

    Yeah, so i have nothing witty or insightful to say about the actual substance of your post, save that i’m finally caught up and bookmarking this.

  4. ladysunami says:

    And the moral of the story is… File your taxes online? Drive to the next county over and sneak them into the post office box? Mail them to your cousin half way across the country and have him forward them to the IRS? I’m kinda wondering if this book lead many suspicious fundamentalists to find strange ways of paying their taxes, lest the local cultists steal their homes.

    Also, don’t you usually get a chance to pay your taxes along with whatever fines? How do they go straight from missing taxes to home stealing? Do they steal all the IRS mail demanding payment until such a time as the victims house can be taken?

    • I don’t know about all that… *I* use an accountant. He happens to be based out of a town at least 1,000 miles from me, and 50 away from my parents.

      These people could just hire an accountant, which, since small towns don’t usually have any, he’d have to go to the nearest big one anyway.

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