Apparently I have a truly ancient blog on Blogger (now owned by Google)

After reading stories of other bloggers on Blogger, I’m tempted to save off the posts, shut it down, and put it back up as another auxiliary Wordpress blog on my account.

Except it’s a story and it’s Really not very good :/ maybe I’ll just save everything to my hard drive and let it rust there. It’s only ten posts.

What do you guys think? Open thread about the ongoing Blogger issues I guess.

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2 Responses to Blogger

  1. Firedrake says:

    As a non-blogger, I say: blogspot/blogger and wordpress both let me take a single RSS feed that’ll send me all comments on all posts. So from my POV they’re basically identical.

  2. As I understand it, the problems with Blogger are with the back-end administration control panel. The front end, what your visitors see, remains unchanged. So if you’re neither creating new content, nor moderating comments, and the blog stands simply as an archive, you should be fine to leave it as is (unless, of course, you want to move away from Blogger as a statement of protest).


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