TPD chapter 23

Yet more recap: Marshall calls the police station and trades info with someone named Sara the office lady, who tells him Alf Brummel hates his guts (le gasp!). In return, he tells her he’s planning an investigation, and if the shit hits the fan, she can come to him for answers or a ride out of town.

I wish the shit would reach the fan already.

Brummel and Langstrat are arguing — Brummel thinks she’s moving too slow and that Marshall has enough to publish, but Langstrat just keeps telling him to calm down, she has a plan.

Seriously. Things need to happen now.

There was a short lull, and it got strangely quiet around the town of Ashton. People weren’t in touch. Nothing much was said.

So that’s basically this entire friggan midsection of the book. No stakes have been raised in, what, six chapters now? We have another interlude with demons, one that starts out with that sentence and ends with this one:

Rafar sat and waited. The demonic host waited.

I can barely bring myself to go actually read the sentences in between. This is just so… so… BORING. But, for the sake of finishing what I started, I must.

Yadda yadda, Tal isn’t ready to make his move, yadda yadda, demons gathering power. Blah blah, Tal’s enemies are overwhelming while he just sits there. Blah blah, people need to pray. yadda yadda, burden of prayer. nope. Totally not worth it.

Langstrat! She’s got to be doing something, right? Right?

“Where is my master?” Langstrat asked the messenger.

“He waits above the town, watching over it,” came the girl’s answer. “His armies are ready for your word.”

(which one is the master here?)

“All is ready. He may await my signal.”


Oh, this is kind of nice:

The messenger departed like a beautiful gazelle, leaping gracefully away.

The messenger departed, a filthy black nightmare of a creature borne on membranous wings; he departed to take word to Rafar, who still waited.

I swear to god I’m going to pistol whip the next sentence to contain a variant of the word “wait”.

Oh thank god she gave the signal:

and then, so very quietly, the name of an ancient god began to form itself on her lips again and again. The name, a gutteral, harsh sound, spilled forth from her like the spitting of hundreds of invisible pebbles, and with each mention of the name, her trance deepened.

Rafar’s army springs into action— fleeing from Ashton.


this is the worst of plans.

(I take that back. At least Rafar’s not going to his sister’s wedding with a fake date)

4AM, Rafar kills Ted Harmel, who barely manages to phone Marshall before biting it.

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3 Responses to TPD chapter 23

  1. Jarred H says:

    We met Sara once before, when Marshal went to have his appointment with Alf Brummel. She was the one swearing at the filing cabinet.

    Yeah, I’m not surprised you forgot about that scene.

    • yamikuronue says:

      Oh! With the run in her tights. Right. See, this is the problem with doing a little bit at a time, it’s been months XD

  2. Mau de Katt says:

    I just thought of something: “Tal” is the greeting that men on Gor give to each other. I don’t know if it means anything at all that the Captain Angel of the Host of Angels is named that as well; actually, I’m sure it means absolutely nothing.

    But it is a somewhat amusing coincidence. (And is more interesting than all the “waiting around” that happens in this chapter.) ;D

    It’s funny; I remember this book as being so suspenseful when I read it back in my fundy days….

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