Got your Number Decon 2 (pg20-32)

Sorry about missing last week- turns out, planes are not nearly as conducive to writing as I had hoped. On the up side, I had a pretty great trip all told and I’ve confirmed that I don’t have a fear of flying (first time on a commercial airliner).

As for good ol’ Got your Number, we are nearly instantly told who sent the invitation, something I have to admit I wasn’t expecting. Instead of leaving us in the dark for ‘suspense’ we find out that Roxann has a cousin Angora that’s getting married. Isn’t that a type of wool?

Anyway. Angora is a cousin by way of her father’s sister Dixie and is marrying Dr. Trenton Robert Coughlin. A bit of a rich girl, but

Born pretty, and made beautiful through braces, jaw surgery and rhinoplasty (nose job for most people)- all before the age of fourteen- she’d had the self-esteem of a leper.

Well, no wonder! She’s constantly being told she need surgery of some kind to be presentable. The braces I could completely support in normal circumstances because sometimes there are actual health/pain reasons for that procedure but in this case, I’m actually assuming it was purely cosmetic.

True, Angora wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the drawer, but she wasn’t a bad person. Infuriatingly feminine and a bit of a fibber, but not a bad person.

Maybe not someone I’d want as my best friend or anything but not a terrible description for a regular friend. Considering what poor Yami has to deal with in her two decons character-wise, I’m pretty pleased- both with Angora herself and that Roxanne is able to think pleasantly about someone. *cough*Lola*cough

Walt Beadleman  thought his sister had gotten above her raising and Dee thought her brother was a clodhopper.

Not sure what a clodhopper is, exactly, but I can guess well enough. So no love lost there, surprise, surprise. Wait, what?

During a rare visit when Roxann had overheard her aunt say as much to a neighbor, she’d evened the score by peeing in Dee’s bottle of Chanel No. 5.

But- that’s not- that’s- I’m going to head-canon that into being acceptable by making Roxann five at the time. Moving on.

Roxann and Angora weren’t close until high school, then roomed together for a while until Angora did poorly grade-wise. Her parents blamed Roxann of course and made Angora move into a ‘chaperoned sorority house.’ Nice class prejudice going on there, as Roxann was getting straight A’s at the time. Clearly a terrible influence. At that point, they’d drifted apart to the point that they hadn’t seen each other in the nine years following graduation.

She wishes her old friend the best of luck, then moves on to her university newsletters- where it’s revealed that it was Dr. Nell Oney that mentored and recruited her to Rescue. Oh well, can’t predict them all. But speaking of the good Dr. Carl (there’s a lot of doctors in this book so far…), it seems he’s to be auctioned off to raise money for a new student counseling center. Cue some more fond memories and nostalgia.

Ah, and it’s confirmed- Roxann and Dr. Carl had an affair while she was still a student, was almost caught and she fled college for Rescue so things could settle down. Except that he calls her shortly after:

Except when he called her, it was to beg her understanding for choosing his job over her. If he were ruined, he’d told her in a tortured voice, he’d have nothing to offer her, and honor dictated that he stay. Of course she understood.

Alright, I know I’m only getting snippets out of context but does anyone else get a ‘used and discarded’ vibe off that little scenario? Just seems too… sad, too smooth. Suddenly found that honor, Dr of theology and deacon of the university church- where was it when you decided to sleep with one of your students?


-she inserted her key into the lock, surprised when the door swung open with no resistance.

Somebody had been there.

Her place is trashed- drawers dumped, books tossed around, TV knocked over, the works. Keep in mind, she lives in a rather run-down apartment and doesn’t have much of anything of value so, she’s already thinking it’s not theft. Which is pretty well confirmed when she inspects her computer:


I’ll pardon the title drop, given that it fits the situation well enough to not be out of place. Understandably, Roxann is a touch freaked. Like lunge backward and fall, biting your lip and staring dazedly at the screen freaked. I have roommates and I would be freaked if I came home to find a message on my computer that just happened to reference my greatest psychological doubt, even without the destruction of my home.

Points in her favor, she manages to go through the list of suspects right then and there.

Frank Cape? He might have tracked her down to her address hoping to scare her into revealing Melissa’s whereabouts. In the newspaper expose, the thwarted husband had used the work fake a half-dozen times. … Frank could have simply borrowed the wording.

I could believe this one, though the odds of him deciding to borrow that specific word is kind of flimsy. Still, given the sketchy idea of the guy we have so far, I would expect him to still be there, waiting for her.

Richard Funderburk? When she and a few of his friends had confronted him about his drinking, his reaction had stunned her- ugly, vengeful and defensive. I’ll get you back, you self-righteous fake?

That would seems more likely- messing up someone’s place seems more fitting for a punishment, rather than just a threat. If the person had torn up her cushions. bedding, etc, then I could see it being more of a threat.

Elise? Roxann had asked for the key when she moved out, but Elise could’ve had a spare. During their argument following Elsie’s shocking announcement, hadn’t Elise used the word fakeYou led me on with your fake friendship?

Or maybe I’m wrong- it seems using the word ‘fake’ in reference to Roxann is just par for the course. Again, this seems like it would fit- emotional betrayals can really sting and push someone to seek some payback. Plus, good chance of having a key for this one.

Detective Capistrano? He hadn’t bothered to hide his disdain for her and the program.Unless you’re a fake. Maybe he was desperate enough to search her place for clues about Melissa Cape and make it look like a break-in.

Eh, lowest odds so far I would wager. Not seeing him moving this fast, based off the two encounters we’ve had, brief as they were. I could see him hounding her, but breaking the law like this seems a bit much to just assume him capable of as yet.

Or- she swallowed hard- was the past catching up with her? A dirty little secret that sometimes jolted her awake from a deep sleep to remind her that the vulnerable life she’d built had been the fruit of a poisonous tree. But no one knew about those circumstances except Angora, and it didn’t seem likely she’d be terrorizing Roxann when she was on the verge of getting married. Besides, Angora had just as much to lose if the truth were revealed… maybe more.

Ah, yeah, we have a winner here. Sure, one of the above suspects might be involved in this but this is completely the reason for this happening. Also, nice tease.

She decides against calling the police, given that most of her suspects are either cops or people she wants far, far away from cops. Doesn’t look like anything’s missing, as far as she can tell, but there are a couple of ‘stalker-style’ messages on her answering machine. Better and better.

Figuring any destination is better than just random, she decides to head out of town and attend Angora’s wedding. If nothing else, she figures it’ll be a distraction- and it’ll annoy Aunt Dee to just show up without a RSVP.

Very happy that the plot has indeed started, no longer a fan of Dr. Carl (even if he does have a short and easy name), pleased that we’re almost certainly getting another main character in Angora and a bit more impressed with Roxann as our viewpoint character.

Still hopeful… which scares me.

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One Response to Got your Number Decon 2 (pg20-32)

  1. Brin says:

    Isn’t that a type of wool?

    So it is. Learn something new every day. (That “rabbit” looks more like a tribble to me.)

    Still hopeful… which scares me.

    Maybe…maybe this is actually a decent book? And the “muahahaha” of it is that you’ll spend the whole book waiting for it to become terrible and it never does? (Might be too much to hope.)

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