No EA post today

No easily amused this week either. I’ll try to get one up for next week.


My feet are like boats and I need strappy sandals for my engagement party. My hair is eternally a mess >.< I never wear makeup… i’m just hopeless at all this girly crap and everyone’s going to be STARING at me and I just wnat to curl into a ball and eat cake >.<

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3 Responses to No EA post today

  1. JenL says:

    Ah, but see – at your engagement party (unless it’s a really stuffy engagement party), you don’t have to do the fancy hair and make-up and clothes. Just wear whatever is comfortable, plus a few carefully (or not-so-carefully) chosen “bride to be” accessories – a t-shirt, a tiara, white flip-flops with white flowers, whatever. Anything that screams “I’m happy I’m about to be a bride, and I have too much to do between now and then to worry about dressing for this party!” It worked for my sister-in-law! 😉

    • yamikuronue says:

      Yeah, but this is being put on by my mother, with all her friends, my dad’s friends, and my stuffier relatives. This is unfortunately the “fulfill family obligations” party rather than the “grab all my friends and have fun” party

      I should buy a tiara though 😀

      • JenL says:

        Ah, yah, that does make it much harder… ;-( But if there was anything I envied about the whole experience of watching my brother get married, it was Ashley’s collection of bride-to-be accessories, especially the tiara.

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