A modern day greek myth

Once upon a time there was a strapping young lad (as they always are in these tales). We’ll call this lad Zynga.

Zynga desperately wanted to be a game developer so he could bring in the big bucks. But he didn’t have any ideas! What was a guy to do? Why, take a reasonably well-thought-out idea, make a shitty ripoff, and market that a hundred times more. No need to pay a creative director, just get a bunch of hack coders and bam, instant money!

Many people tried to stop Zynga, pointing out  his immoral behavior, but by now Zynga was the king of a land called Facebook, so he just laughed and had them arrested and put out of business.

Until one day, they stole an idea from the king of a neighboring country. Now, poor Zynga has to face his own hubris — he thought he was the biggest, baddest thing around, but many a king with shady business practice has come before him, and many a king shall come after him.

The moral of the story: Don’t antagonize bigger fish.

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One Response to A modern day greek myth

  1. Skyknight says:

    What makes the Dream Towers bit more interesting is that Zynga only did that because they’d failed at ACQUIRING NimbleBit.

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