Decon Vs. Episode 2

Hello and welcome (finally!) to the next Decon Vs.

Alright, so I’m gonna start out firstly by apologizing for the long gap in between
this post and the last one. I was swept up in a mix of moving, summer research and
not getting to watching episodes like I kept saying I would. Things have calmed
down a little, so I’m going to try putting these out in a regular manner.

Alright, now I’m going to try something slightly different. Rather than giving the
synopsis of what I watched, I’m just going to list the episodes. That way people
who’ve seen the show can tell where I am, and I don’t spoil anything for those that
haven’t. So, for this installment, I’ve seen:

Eyeshield 21: Episodes 4-8
Prine of Tennis: Episodes 6-9

So, now that everyone knows where I am in the shows, let’s start with Eyeshield 21.
The first episode in this set for Eyeshield 21 and we get Sena standing up for what
he wants to do. I was expecting him to spend a lot more time being dragged along
for the ride, but they’re quickly establishing that he is beginning to like
Football. We also see the beginnings of a rivalry, for the Devilbats as well as
Sena in perticular. The supporting cast is also starting to get a little better.
Hiruma shows a little bit of what might actually be compassion for Sena and we get
a small look at the potential for this team to get a little better. It looks like
the next bit of episodes will be them getting more team mates so I’m honestly
interested in seeing them.

On the side of Prince of Tennis…well, they’re finally done with the intermurals
and they’ve picked the first string regulars. I’m not entirely sure if they’re
going for the constantly confident main character, since Ryoma is mostly coming off
as a nigh unbeatable smartass. We also get to see a bit more of his father that,
while also being a nigh unbeatable smartass, seems to have a bit more character
than his son. It is also the second time that we’ve seen Ryoma have something in
resere just to figure out how to win this match…though now that I’ve seen it, I
have to wonder why the more experienced Sadaharu Inui didn’t know about the
technique Ryoma used. Now, as far as the supporting cast, they’ve introduced a lot
of new characters that we did not get to see play, though I’m hopeful that we’ll
see more about them at Seigaku’s first tournament.

Overal, I’m starting to find myself leaning more towards enjoying Eyeshield 21 than
Prince of Tennis. I’ll have to see how the winning streak of Ryoma compares to the
steady improvement of Sena. Also stay tuned, as I will be putting up a couple of
sports primers, so everyone will know the basic rules of each game, as well as
remind me in case they start playing loose with the rules.

As an aside, I can say that having to watch three episodes in a row so I can get
one complete game is a little aggrivating. Sure, with Eyeshield it’s a lot of
things happening to a lot of people, but with Prince of Tennis it’s one match of
tennis. Maybe they’ll start speeding up once they’re done introducing main
characters. Anyway, see you guys next time, when we’ll see the first game for
Seigaku and the Devil Bats try to increase their regular roster.

As always, comments and constructive critiques are welcome.

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