Health Care

(2 weighty, meaningful posts on the backburner due to low spoons and she babbles about healthcare? Sheesh!)
Why is healthcare so incompatible with working? You need to work to have decent insurance; you need to work to have money to pay doctors. Grocery stores are open late so you can get the shopping done after work. Bars pick up after work. Corner stores stock toilet paper in the wee hours. But doctors?

Part of the reason getting my teeth fixed is taking so long is that I have to make Saturday appointments. I’m lucky I can do so. When I tried to see a sports medicine doctor about my knees, I was told she won’t see new patients after 3:15pm. Every hour I don’t work is another roughly $20 lost; taking an afternoon off is doable, but puts a bit of a squeeze on my finances. My next appointment, now that I’m not a new patient, is 4:15.

I got a prescription for pills and one for a knee brace. The pharmacy in the drugstore let Chaos bring in the prescription on my behalf, and are open in the evenings. The orthotics place that’s to fit the brace? Only open until 5. Did I mention it was 5:05 when I got the prescription and was told to go on down and see them? Luckily they are a chain with an office  right near work, so I can go in an hour early and make it to a 4:15 (unlike the doc, who is 30-45 minutes away from work). Unluckily, it took a week to get an appointment for 4:15 when they could have done next-day at 2pm if only I didn’t work.

However! It is August 1, meaning (since I’m changing insurance one way or another this fall) my next Well Woman visit and (soon) my birth control are free. So that’s an extra $40/month less to pay. (It would be $60-80 if I didn’t go to Planned Parenthood). Now if I can only find the time to find a primary care physician without taking too  many half-days at work and looking lazy…

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