Endless Summer: week 4

Hard to believe it’s been a month already. Good news is, we’re halfway done! With both the list and the time frame. So that’s good.
Better fireworks

The guys were supposed to pick some up on Friday. Things ran long, and they didn’t get out the door until 4:00, but they rushed over anyway, since the website said the place closes at five… only to find, at 4:50, they closed at 4.

They’ll get some today.

Go to a fair!

The county fair was on this past week, so we went. Aside from the bouts of rain, it was alright. We had tasty, greasy fair food, and saw a bunch of animals, and decided against being overcharged to sit in wet rides. I was a little disappointed at the lack of pig races but c’est la vie. The biggest thing at this fair is the kid’s area, which hosts a ton of activities — which isn’t surprising, as my area is great for kids. The children’s hospital is the best hospital in the area by far, and there’s a kid’s day put on by the local radio station that is one of the largest outdoor events in the state.

Oh yeah, and then kae ran off and scared the crap out of me by vanishing into the crowd. 😦

Go to an art museum

Membership to the local art museum comes with the university tuition, so now that kae’s all registered with his id card (and chaos still has his), we headed over to see what they had. Surprise! It was family day, so I got in free. This was the first time I’ve ever been considered “family” on paper to my fiancee — usually they say you have to be married or blood related to get “family” benefits (like reduced price membership at the city gym or zoo). So we paid nothing to get in 🙂 Kae dumped some cash into their donations box.

The exhibit we were there to see was pretty cool. This guy, El Anatsui, uses bottlecaps, bent and hammered until flat, and makes this abstract art that somehow manages to be deep but not pretentious. Some of the other pieces were (in my opinion) very pretentious in that they had plaques that extolled their depth, naming about 6 or 7 layers of symbolism and meaning, which I just couldn’t see in the art. If the art doesn’t speak for itself, there’s no point claiming it has omg so much depth, you know? But the bottlecap guy didn’t say much other than a comment on how much work it was to bend those things and a little blurb about how he’s lived a bunch of places. We were fascinated by the pieces, and the more we stared at them, the more we saw. So that was really neat.

Go see a movie

Since we’d paid nothing at the museum, we decided to hit the movies as well. We saw Amazing Spider-man. I enjoyed it greatly; it was definitely closer to the comics than the previous trilogy, and it had me laughing aloud and biting my nails at the appropriate points. Plus, geeky love is so awkward and sweet, I enjoyed watching the love story unfold.

Well, except…

Warning: minor spoilers.

Okay, so they kept doing this thing where they’d be in Gwen’s bedroom, murmuring low, their faces really close together, tons of sexual tension, and she’d be saying “no, no” and he’d be saying “yes, yes” and then he’d win the “argument”. By the second time it happened I was sitting there going “….wow. This is a bit rape-tastic. I hope that doesn’t trigger people.” Granted, they’re not talking about having sex, but still, there’s this thing where he pursues her and wins her and overrides her wishes and turns out to be right so it’s all justified in the end. And the ending… let’s just say I wished she was more of an agent in her own story, since the entire relationship basically rests on him and his actions.

And really, I didn’t expect much from the women in this film. It’s a film by men, for a primarily male audience, about a boy becoming a man and his issues with his father, his uncle, and his (male) mentor. So it’s coded very masculine. And I understand that. But I kept seeing these two interesting women and wishing they didn’t have to be shoehorned into male-coded tropes, you know? Like, Gwen Stacy is beautiful. I know this because the film keeps saying it. There’s literally a running joke that boils down to characters saying “Wow, what a beautiful girl!” when they first see her. But she’s also really smart and loves science and managed to secure herself a prestigious after-school job at the biggest science lab in town. And yet, all she does with that is work a machine built by a man, designed for the experiments being run by men, on the orders of a man, so that that man can use the product of the machine to fight another man. She’s sexy and smart enough to push buttons, what more can you want in a female lab assistant, amirite?

But overall, I adored the film. These are nitpicky concerns, not dealbreakers.

The list thus far:

  • Go to a baseball game
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to an art museum
  • Go to a fair!
  • Go on safari
  • Go swimming at a pool
  • Go to the zoo
  • Road trip
  • See a movie
  • Fireworks!!!
  • Better fireworks
  • Make lanyards
  • Eat hot dogs
  • BBQ something
  • Apple pie!
  • Make lemonade
  • S’mores!
  • Make homemade ice cream

9/18 completed (50% completed)

Bonus points:

  • Go camping
  • Play in sprinklers
  • Go fishing
  • Go to the beach!
  • Go to a waterpark
  • See professional fireworks

1/6 completed (16.6%)

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