TPD pp 171-180: Chapter 18

Wow, chapter 18 already. We’re on page 171 of 376, chapter 18 out of 42. That’s 45% of the pages and 43% of the chapters, indicating that the chapters are roughly the same length all the way through. Food for thought. Also, almost halfway done!  And the plot is….. stalling out.

It’s Sunday again! Hank begins with a “rousing” song, which his wife plays on piano. Aww. Everyone’s in much better spirits since the dissenters mostly dropped out of the church. And Ron Forsythe, from the arcade, is here too! Hank introduces himself and his wife, and… makes everyone go around and introduce themselves. Is that… is that a thing? It must be a small church?

And the first roll call of the Remnant took place as the angels and demons watched

Spare me the dramatics, FFS. It’s like they’re patting their minor characters on the back and cheering them on for having overcome the tremendous battle of…going to church. Happening to go to the RIGHT church on this given Sunday. Yay? Nothing’s been really achieved; the bad guys are still winning, but some punk teenager was saved so savor the victory I guess.

Two college sophmores, a couple that run a shop, another few couple, a mailman, a writer, and Ron’s parents introduce themselves. Ron and his girlfriend “gave their hearts to Jesus” only the night before, and flushed their drugs down the toilet (why am I picturing some very happy fish right now?). The demons grow more and more alarmed as the congregation becomes more and more excited. So I guess this is an action scene of sorts?

Oh hey, we’re in New York City now. Tal and Guilo (the pair of angels from the beginning if I’m not mistaken) lurk about the Gibson hotel. Has anyone been there? Because apparently there’s a barber shop, a beauty salon, a shoeshine nook, and a gift shop all inside. It sounds like a pretty swank place.

Oh for the love of…. Remember the evil CEO? His company is named Omni Corporation. Wow. Cheesy as hell.

The angels break into the women’s bathroom, go into the handicapped stall, break the lock on the window, and move a dumpster under said window, basically setting up the opening scene from Indigo Prophecy. (The linked video doesn’t show it, but you can climb out the window instead of walking through the diner).

As written in the Scriptures, the kings of the earth, ” Tal observed, “being made drunk with the wine of the great harlot’s immorality.”

“Babylon the Great,” said Guilo. “The Great Harlot arising at last.”

First of all, Tal slightly misquoted:

With [the whore of Babylon] the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

–Revelation 17:2, King James version

See? The kings of the earth sleep with her. It’s the inhabitants that get drunk on her fornication.

(Fun fact: Tal must be using the New American Standard bible, the only one on this page to both call her a “harlot” instead of a “prostitute”  in 17:1 and to use the word “immorality” for “fornication” in 17:2).

Secondly… he’s observing VIPs sitting in limousines. Hardly the height of debauchery.


“Yes, Universal Consciousness. The world religion, the doctrine of demons spreading among the nations. Babylon revived right before the end of the age.”

God dammit, this is a Rapture story isn’t it.

Most scholars (real scholars, not phony rapture-hungry preachers) believe Revelation was referring simply to Rome and giving hope to the then-persecuted Christians that Rome would someday fall. That’s the entire symbolism behind Babylon. Reading more into it, particularly pinning it on a new age belief system that wasn’t even a glimmer in John’s eye when he wrote Revelation.

By the way, want to join the evil demon cult? Here it is. Go nuts. There’s also an Alice Coltrane album that came out in 1972, for a soundtrack for your descent into hell.

So anyway, the battle for the fate of the world will take place in Ashton. Go figure. They spy 20 pairs of eyes and estimate about 100 sentries using special angel math. When the Spirit prompts them, they create a distraction to clear the alleyway so Susan can slip through. She gets to the payphone, calls Kevin, and….

Asks him to call Bernice and tell her about Kaseph. As the angels battle ferociously, she then climbs back into the window and goes back to her ballroom.

So… so the big plan was…. for her to call some other guy who already has all the information, and who already spoke to Bernice, and who could have told her everything already, but now he has INSTRUCTIONS to tell her everything, and oh by the way he’s a perpetually confused stoner type who never seems to know what’s going on.

Wow. This is a great plan. The best of plans.

I did a whole chapter again! I’m doing great with that lately.

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3 Responses to TPD pp 171-180: Chapter 18

  1. Skyknight says:

    I’d guess the reason why “Universal Consciousness” is supposed to be a signal of Bad Things to RTCs is that it’s meant to imply monism, and with it pantheism, rather than the absolute transcendence+absolute hierarchy+absolute authority of God and his angels. At the very least, conservative evangelicals of the time thought that monism and pantheism were really just ways for non-believers to gull themselves into thinking they wouldn’t have to face trial for their misdeeds. The conceit was that if you believed in pantheism, then ultimately you only answered to yourself–or God himself, via the fraction of himself that was you, was doing it, and so above condemnation. With monism, more that melding in and out of the Source, necessarily abolishing whatever committed the original misdeeds, made judgement pointless.

    And I’d say that yes, the above scenes ARE action-packed by RTC lights. This is all about the ultimate difficulty–believers escaping the clutches of the demon-controlled world and finding refuge in the One True Sanctuary. World-Wrecking Waves have NOTHING on how RTCs understand the threat of demonic triumph (read: consignment to eternal and infinite agony for the humans in question).

  2. Mau deKatt says:

    I’d guess the reason why “Universal Consciousness” is supposed to be a signal of Bad Things to RTCs is that it’s meant to imply monism, and with it pantheism, rather than the absolute transcendence+absolute hierarchy+absolute authority of God and his angels.

    More than that (IIRC), it’s supposed to go back to The Original Sin, which has been interpreted as “man not obeying God, but thinking he can make his own decisions about his life, the Universe, and Everything.” I.e. man rejected God and set himself up as his own god.

    Since the core concept of Universal Consciousness and all its offshoots is that “Everything is part of the Mind of God,” it follows then that each human is a part of God, and thus is God. Et voilà, we’re back to The Original Sin that brought about the Downfall of All Humanity.

    • neverstatic says:

      Worse than that, it’s the same sin of pride attributed to Lucifer/Satan, that started the whole celestial war in the first place.

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