Allergies Suck

To recap this past week:

Monday (Memorial Day), I ended the day with a wicked headache.

Tuesday I had a sore throat all day.

Wednesday I could hardly think, could barely hear, had sinus pressure/headaches and sneezing and a low-grade fever.

Thursday I had a nasty cough, no fever, head more clear, throat scratchy and painful.

Note that every day I take two or three allergy pills, and on Tuesday and Wednesday I took Benedryl.

I think maybe I should invest in a HEPA air purifier at this point.

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One Response to Allergies Suck

  1. Jarred H says:

    I can relate. Allergies have been hitting me pretty hard (as in “at all noticeably”) this year for some reason.

    If the HEPA air purifier would help, I say go for it.

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