Easily Amused?

So I bought myself a nice little steampunk novella, a spin-off of Alice in Wonderland called Gears of Wonderland. And then I hit this:

“I’m sorry, I didn’t buy it to play, I swear, I thought the set looked pretty, so I got it to—”

“James, it’s still a chess set!”

He stared at his feet. “I’m sorry.”

“How many times do I have to tell you, James? We’ve been over this before. Chess is a game. Only children and pathetic no-hopers play games.” Laura stood and put her hand gently on his cheek, her voice softening. “You’re twenty-four now, an adult, soon to be married to a wonderful woman who only wants the best for you. It’s time to grow up and act your age. I know growing up can be hard sometimes, and we have to give up the things we loved when we were kids, but as an adult, we get lots of new fun things to do. You’ll do this little thing for your fiancee, won’t you?”

As if that wasn’t Hubert and Kelly enough, his boss makes him cancel their trip to France with no notice (“Either come into work next week or you’re fired”).

[Laura] had icily informed him to find somewhere else to stay the night and think carefully about the choices he had made over the past few days.

He quickly realized that one of the choices he had made was to leave his wallet in his bag and, in the drama of being kicked out of his own flat, he had forgotten to pick it up. That made his destination options rather limited.

He decided to walk to Melvin’s house. Laura didn’t approve of Melvin […] therefore, he hadn’t seen a lot of Melvin over the past eighteen months, even though Melvin was his oldest friend.

I just. The flashbacks. Wow.

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2 Responses to Easily Amused?

  1. Colorful One says:

    Not sure about the comparison’s your making, but come on, who can be against chess and dismiss it as a “game for children and no-hopers”?????

    Laura does not sound like a fun person, and that’s putting it mildly.

    • yamikuronue says:

      I finished the book yesterday (it was short); she’s literally never seen again. Halfway through the protagonist says “She was wrong about everything!” and realizes he doesn’t like his life and leaves it all behind forever in favor of the new love interest. The end. WTF.

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