Easily Amused chapter 4

No subtitle this week, this is the entirety of chapter four, it’s a very short one.

Hubert’s unannounced intrusion has trampled on Lola’s sleep habits: she stayed up vacuuming and doing laundry so there’d be clean sheets for him, and once dawn hits, she can’t let herself go back to sleep because she’s conscious of having a guest. She tries to make the best of it, deciding that spending some time with her old friend might perk up her life in general, and deciding to make breakfast for the two of them, still off balance from the loss of control over her environment — but Hubert has gone missing.


He went back to Kelly, that’s what he did. Sure, old Lola was fine for emergencies, but at the first light of day he’d flown back into her fickle arms. Nice. Real nice.

No romantic feelings there, eh Lola? Though to be fair, Hubert has so far treated her pretty damn shittily. Hopefully he just went for doughnuts or something.

Just thinking of Kelly made me livid. The red-haired demon. In another life she was probably one of those evil mermaids who lured sailing men to their destruction. Or maybe they weren’t mermaids. Anyway, they were something, and they were bad news, but men, oblivious men, fell for their sweet songs and then crashed their ships on the rocks, which is what should happen to stupid people anyway.

Good old Lola and her judgemental ways. Don’t ever change. She calls Hubert’s cell to see where he is, and when she gets no answer, she leaves a nasty message on his machine. Then she calls his house and hears the following answering machine message:

“If this is Hubert […] we’re over and I never want to see you again. You can come pick up your stuff anytime. It’s in the hallway.”



I don’t even.


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3 Responses to Easily Amused chapter 4

  1. jenl1625 says:

    Wait, wha?

    If (I would say “big if”, but apparently we’re given no reason in-story to disbelieve it) Hubert’s version is true…. Man cooks dinner, fails to clean one small area of cooking splash, apologizes when it’s pointed out. Woman says she shouldn’t have to point this small area, pouts, ambushes him by locking him outside in the cold without proper clothing, wallet, or keys. After waiting a while and not being allowed back in his home, man invades space of female “friend”, conks out for the night, isn’t there (still absent proper clothing, wallet, or keys) come early morning. Female “friend” leaves man a nasty cellphone message, then calls his home number. Where woman has broken up by voice mail message (assuming he’ll call her to apologize?).

    These are horrible people. Okay, maybe Hubert gets some slack for the way he’s treating Lola, given he’s likely to be upset about what’s going on at home. But Lola and Kelly are both horrible.

    Why, exactly, are we supposed to like Lola? Or are we supposed to hate her?

  2. Jarred H says:

    Eh, I could even see a friend being hurt by Hubert’s actions. I mean, he shows up in the middle of the night with an “emergency” situation after not talking to her for quite some time and then disappears with nary a note of “Thank you so much” or “I had to run to….be back at…” That’s the kind of behavior that does tend to leave people feeling used.

    • yamikuronue says:

      Which is why every single person in this story is horrible. Hubert doesn’t think of Lola’s feelings at all, Lola’s a self-absorbed twit, and Kelly’s on a whole new plane of awful.

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