My plants

Note: This was meant to be Monday’s post, but work got busy and I didn’t have a chance to finish it.

A few weeks ago, inspired by PF’s gardening experiment, I bought a pair of tomato plants. I’ve been having to take them inside at night and during cold snaps, which they don’t like as they desire more sun, but I had high hopes.

This is Charlie, the Italian Rose Tomato plant, shortly after transplanting:


And this was Bill, the Watermelon Beefsteak plant:



Unfortunately, we had an unexpected  storm a few days ago and Bill’s stem got damaged:



I don’t think the little guy’s going to pull through 😦 RIP Bill. I’ll have to order a replacement.

Any tips for how to keep Bill II happy?

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2 Responses to My plants

  1. Loquat says:

    Might sticking the broken-off part in the dirt work? Last year when a large branch snapped off one of my tomato plants, I got surprisingly good results just sticking it in the ground and watering. It grew roots and turned into a whole new tomato plant, and I got several tomatoes off it before the end of the season.

    • yamikuronue says:

      We pinched off the stem at the broken part, in the hopes the healthy stem underneath would regrow, but it’s just withering and shriveling from the top down.

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