TPD pp146-149: Sex, Drugs, and Donkey Kong

Rafar mad.

Rafar smash!

Rafar rage impotently about not having Tal in his hands.

Rafar take rage out on his suboordinates.

(Lucius speak quite eloquently for someone with a hand around his throat:

“Oh, be not offended, great one. I seek only your pleasure”


Rafar fly over town like blue angels in pure demonic RAGE.

In other news, Tal isn’t biting the bait, and the other demons are now looking for him even harder, which is to say, crawling around the church aimlessly.

“If I were to meet him now I would most certainly lose, and he knows it. Our prayer cover is insufficient.”

So yeah. More praying needed.


Hank, much like the demons, is wandering aimlessly, driven by strong emotions but lacking a plan. Only unlike them, he’s praying constantly. That’s got to get a bit tiring — unless just thinking about praying is enough? I’m picturing him whispering constantly under his breath and getting some odd looks for it.

Two angels are with Hank, leading him someplace they don’t particularly want to go, trying to look meek and unassuming so they don’t draw trouble.

And. Oh lord.

The Cave was aptly named: the power it took to run the rows upon rows of flickering, beeping video games was made up for by the total absence of any other lights, except a little blue globe here and there in the black ceiling with an occasional watt meandering through it. There was more sound than light; heavy metal rock music pounded from speakers all around the room and clashed painfully with the myriads of electornic sounds tumbling out of the machines. One lone proprietor sat behind his little cash register in the corner, reading a girlie magazine whenever he wasn’t making change for the game players.

To recap! We have:

  • Video games (the devil!)
  • Rock music (the devil!)
  • Darkness (like this present darkness!)
  • Girlie mags (Even more devil!)
  • Fun (strictly forbidden!)

Yeah. This won’t end well. Not at all.

Here were kids of all ages, with few other places to go, congregating after school and all through the weekends to hang out, hang on, play games, pair up, wander off, do drugs, do sex, do whatever. Hank knew this place was a hell hole

Adding to the list above:

  • Fun (again, strictly forbidden!)
  • Drugs (GASP!)
  • Sex (OMG!)
  • Hell
  • Demons

Seriously, though, WHO THE FUCK IS GETTING LAID IN AN ARCADE AND WHERE CAN I GET ME SOME OF THIS. Granted, I was 2 when the 80’s ended, but I seriously doubt being good at Mortal Kombat and Double Dragon was getting you cocaine and hookers even back then! Hot damn!

It wasn’t just the machines, or the decor

(Which has yet to be mentioned btw)

or the dimness — it was the pungent spiritual stench of demons having their heyday

….Demon sex? Holy crap! Someone build me a time machine, I need to witness this. Demon orgies for all!

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5 Responses to TPD pp146-149: Sex, Drugs, and Donkey Kong

  1. Skyknight says:

    I know there were some…aesthetically questionable (and I’m not talking gore)…games back then, but I doubt any arcade worth speaking of would specialize in them. Maybe he’s thinking of the more obviously hyper-violent ones, such as Operation Wolf?

    But the juxtaposition of sex, drugs, and games puts me in mind of a dark amorphousness; the fear embodied is generally of things that don’t have a known and definite shape. Things with a form can at least be anticipated when not controlled. Shapeless and/or unpredictable? Not so easy to contend with. That’s probably what was supposed to be evoked with the reference to the demons at Agaliarept’s pla…er…the Strongman’s place being of “all shapes and sizes”; contrast with the always-humanoid angels. Although I wonder what Peretti would have made of an original, as-the-Hebrews-would-have-known-them ophan (burning eyed wheel), cherub (humanoid, but with four faces–ox, human, eagle, lion. q.v. the four living creatures of Revelation; “cherubim” actually MEANS “living ones”, so the four living creatures ARE cherubim), or seraph (constantly shrouded by its six wings, and COVERED with eyes…and there always seem to be more eyes no matter how closely you look).

    Although I don’t think a demonic heyday is supposed to necessarily be anything carnal (they just incite it, the usual idea is that they’re incapable of sex, the legend of the Grigori/Nephilim fiasco notwithstanding); just them delighting and cheering at the at-least-nascent corruption they’re catalyzing.

  2. Gravel says:

    I used to live mere blocks from a combination nickel arcade/dollar theater. It was indeed pretty loud, and there were a fair number of homeless people who would come in to sleep in the theater, and there were a lot of displaced kids. It was awesome, especially if you remembered to wear shoes you didn’t care about, because the floor had the consistency of duct tape.

    It probably was demon central: I suspect this because every window had been blacked out and covered with a painting (inside and out) of a clown. And it sold cotton candy, 25 cent popcorn, and some sort of protein (nachos, hot dogs), and was just down the block from pizza and burrito places.

    I loved it, and was sad when I moved away. I think it’s gone now. As far as I know, there was no sex or drugs, though.

    . . . is “read” the right verb for girlie mags?
    . . . can Hank get any more judgmental about what other people need/do for their own entertainment?

    And also, “Oh, be not offended, great one. I seek only your pleasure”? Really?

    Is the erotic subtext not smacking anyone else around? Anyone? Just me? (I blame the demon arcade.) (Demon Arcade is totally my new band name.)

  3. Gravel says:

    Crap. Did I break it?

  4. Mau deKatt says:

    Back in the 80’s, arcade games were more like PacMan, Galaga, and all the assorted “shoot the alien invaders” types (and of course the already-mentioned Donkey Kong). I suspect the RTC horror of such things was aimed more at the addicted obsession these games engendered in their (mostly teen male) enthusiasts; I remember many news pieces on how kids were spending hundreds of dollars in quarters there.

    That and the Pounding Heavy Metal Rock Music.

  5. Mau deKatt says:

    . Fixed?

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