New Deconstruction: Easily Amused

This is all Kae’s fault.

Kae has odd taste in books. Not only is he an apologist for bad writing, glossing right over gaping plot holes that bother me to no end, but he actually enjoys romance novels! Atypical gender expression is all well and good, but those things tend to be some of the worst offenders of awful, standing at the crossroads where bad writing meets blatant sexism. I tease him to no end about it and he loves me anyway 🙂

(He also reads fanfiction. En masse.)

So when he came to me with a book that even HE dislikes (though not enough to stop reading), I couldn’t resist. I had to deconstruct it. Just like This Present Darkness, I’m going in mostly blind — Kae’s ranted at me about some of the book’s early plot twists, but I’ve not yet read a single word of the book as I type this introduction.

————————— Kindle Description —————————

When twenty-nine-year-old Lola Watson unexpectedly inherits a rambling house in the suburbs, she thinks it just may be the cherry on a banner year. After all, she’s happily single, with fabulous friends and her dream job working at a popular magazine. Life is perfect—until her new neighbors make her their new “project,” a heartbroken high school friend crashes indefinitely at her house, and her younger sister announces she’s getting married…on Lola’s thirtieth birthday. Suddenly Lola’s not so keen on her newfound domestic bliss. But when she meets handsome, mysterious Ryan Moriarty, Lola dares to hope she’s found the perfect guy to one-up her sister and add a little spice back into her life. This light-hearted romantic comedy from Karen McQuestion is headlined by a charming cast of characters, led by the self-deprecatingly funny Lola. Breezy and fun, Easily Amused serves as a gentle, often amusing reminder that love can often be found in the place we least expect—under our very noses.


Easily Amused is not, strictly speaking, a romance novel. It has been described as a romantic comedy and “chick lit”, which, when done well, I will confess to enjoying on occasion. (It’s totally different than romance novels! Don’t judge me! 😉 )

It’s by Karen McQuestion (Okay, seriously, can we talk about that name for a moment? Please tell me that’s a horrible penname and not her real name because I can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it and I’d feel bad if she had no input into that), and so far I’m not impressed by her interview questions on Kindle.

Question: How would you describe your life in eight words?

Karen McQuestion: Unpredictable, ever changing, a little messy, always interesting.

How… insightful. That totally doesn’t describe everyone’s life ever in terms that come right out of the trailer for this year’s chick flick.

This is going to be fun. 🙂

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3 Responses to New Deconstruction: Easily Amused

  1. JenL says:

    But when she meets handsome, mysterious Ryan Moriarty, Lola dares to hope she’s found the perfect guy to one-up her sister and add a little spice back into her life.

    What now? I don’t have a sister, so maybe I’m missing something, but … Not sure in what universe “ooh, great guy – just what I need to one-up my sister!” makes any sense, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a good foundation for a long-term relationship in ANY universe.

  2. Brin says:

    Lola Watson […] Ryan Moriarty

    …this is a joke, right? The names of the “fabulous friends” are Holmes and Lestrade, right? There’s a bunch of references sprinkled through the book with the narrator giving us a smile and a wink, right? Right?

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