Schedule Update

Alright, in an attempt to ease the stress on my brain a little, I’m going to be adjusting my schedule slightly:

Tuesdays will continue to be Frank Peretti days, working our way through This Present Darkness

Thursdays, however, will be reserved for a new deconstruction project in an entirely different genre, so my brain can relax with a different kind of fail altogether

Fridays will be for project updates, writing blurbs, and other creative outlets. This is because I have no brain on fridays.

Sundays will have tea reviews, as usual. 

Mondays and Wednesdays will continue to be random whatever-pops-into-my-head days. I don’t want to schedule My Story days in advance, and I can’t predict what’ll be in my RSS feed, but expect to see segments like that mixed in.

Furthermore, there won’t be any posts the last weekend of April, but expect a con report the following week 😀 is mah birfday and I’m going to a convention!

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