Monday Morning.

So. Here we are, Monday morning. The thing I’d been dreading for months finally came to pass last Wednesday; surprisingly, however, some of the people I was sure I’d lose turned out to be annoyed at the entire thing and actively seeking ways to remain friends rather than rejecting me. That’s literally never happened to me before. Nor have I ever, after a brutal fight, had my friends tell me I did just fine, honestly, it was the other guy’s fault. So with that huge weight off my mind, and taking some time off deconstructing for my mental health, I find myself facing Monday with a great sense of relief and almost contentment.

I slept poorly but managed to wake up well. I had a shower, which I rarely do in the mornings; it was refreshing. I ate all my breakfast for the first time (on a weekday) in a few weeks. Got out the door a few minutes late, but made it to work within a reasonable amount of time. I did my therapy exercises last night and remembered to brush my teeth; that won’t negate the 9 cavities I need filled or eliminate my leg pain, but little steps help. If I don’t look at my credit card balance I can feel decent about how much is remaining from my previous paycheck. If I don’t think too much about this coming Wednesday, I can look forward to a relaxing and productive week.

Life is weird sometimes.

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