Things went all the way bad last night. I can’t really talk about it because there’s just no way to do so without saying something that at least one of the many people involved will take offense to or accuse me of lying or whatnot and I don’t exactly keep this blog a secret. It’s just better not to go into details. But things are all the way bad and I might not post much for a while, until I figure things out more.

Or maybe I’ll keep posting banal updates. That tends to be easier. Just nothing too structured. I don’t think I even have much in the way of tea samples for the weekend.

Anyway, my health is the same as always and I’m not homeless, so I’ll probably pull through. I did have a nightmare about work last night. That was unpleasant. My assignments kept being sent back to rework and I couldn’t make the code compile, and meanwhile I was automating a test and all the nodes had statements from the huge fight, so I kept desperately trying to turn the dream into something resembling a normal one with actual work instead of nasty words and therefore waking up, clawing at my arms like if I could just peel off a layer of skin I’d get rid of the torment in my brain, but then I’d remind myself that’s insane and doze off again.

So yeah. All the way bad.

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