RSS Quickies: Did You Know?

Did you know? Your allergies could be making you look tired!

…Seriously? I suppose the subset of allergy sufferers who have never, in their entire lives of suffering bleary flu-like symptoms like clockwork twice a year, glanced in the mirror or had anyone mention they looked like hell will appreciate this article. Me, I’m more worried about how to feel like less crap while still affording the four different allergy medications I’m on. An allergist would cost me $80 for a visit, so that’s not happening this year.

I’m thinking this’ll be a series. There’s just way too much to eyeroll at. Anyone got other lol-worthy RSS feeds to follow when I need a groaner?

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1 Response to RSS Quickies: Did You Know?

  1. If you want a good laugh at stupidity and bigotry, you could do worse than to sign up to the e-mails from Eugene Delgaudio, President, Public Advocate of the United States. His emails are an absolute scream (the last one came with a content warning for an image of a gay kiss).


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