Follow-up from my reader

Okay, didn’t I just make a post about this shit? Today’s article has nine tips to speed up your family’s morning:

Even if you’re not a morning person, resolve to get up before the rest of the family so you can take time to care for your own health. Research has shown that exercising first thing in the morning, before eating breakfast, is powerful.

In this study, one group of people ate breakfast, then exercised, drinking sports drinks throughout their workouts. The other group worked out, drinking only water, before eating breakfast. Both groups consumed the same total calories and performed the same workout, but the group that exercised beforeeating kept off weight far better.

Then later:

Although we don’t think that wearing makeup should be a prerequisite for success, you do want to look and feel your best. A study from the London College of Fashion found that, for 85 percent of respondents, wearing makeup lifted their moods. And let’s not even get into the study saying that women who wear it are perceived as more competent and get ahead in the workplace.

It all ends with this little gem:

Remember: It’s all designed to make the mornings as easy on all of you as possible.
I barely got any sleep and I’m late getting out the door, so no additional commentary from me, but I had to share the WTFery.
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