A look into the mind of Yami

I want cookies. The cafeteria sells cookies. I have sufficient cash in my wallet to purchase these cookies.

That ought to be the end of the dilemma, right? But no. I can’t just leave it at that.

I have cash in my wallet, meaning it doesn’t come out of my account so I can’t accidentally overdraft. I have a lot more cash than the price of the cookies so if some kind of emergency happens I’ll still have cash, and anyway I have a credit card for emergencies, and anyway I get paid again tomorrow so there’s definitely no way I’ll miss the dollar for some cookies.

And the cafeteria is only about two dozen steps away, maybe a little more, and it’s all on flat ground, so I’m not likely to cause a spike in knee pain except getting up, and anyway stretching is good for my legs, so really the walk isn’t too far, especially if I combine it with a trip to the bathroom which is the same general direction but further.

And they’re just cookies. Yes they have sugar and butter and probably trans fats but they’ll taste good and bring me happiness. And I’ve been doing good with eating low-fat things and soymilk doesn’t have much fat in it although technically I did put sugar in my tea but then again the tea has no calories before sugar so it’s better than drinking soda and I’m drinking carbonated water with lunch and my weight’s been staying the same despite the occasional cookie binge and I’m getting more exercise with the physical therapy and I’m not even on a diet, I decided not to count calories because it makes me unhealthy psychologically, but I still know cookies are Bad and therefore I have to make a dozen excuses in order to convince myself I’m allowed to have one.

I just want some cookies without the side of guilt.

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1 Response to A look into the mind of Yami

  1. Colleen says:

    If it helps, you totally have my permission to go get cookies and enjoy the hell out of them. 😀

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