Quickie: Condescension in my reader

“Are you wearing too much blush?” asks a story in my news feed this morning.

No. I don’t wear blush. I don’t wear makeup.

I subscribed to Real Simple Magazine’s Daily Tips feed because they often have, in their magazine, nifty ideas about storage and food prep and other household chores and making thing more organized. Things like the previous entry, 10 New Uses for a Dryer Sheet. Often they’re frivolous rather than useful, like 20 Unexpected Centerpieces for Any Occasion.

And sometimes they try to shove a concept of womanhood down my throat, one that’s been proven harmful but refuses to die.

3 Dips that Won’t Ruin Your Diet — because all women are on a diet and seriously, I have to worry about dip now?

Never Buy The Wrong Clothes Again — because all women must wear “stylish” clothing at all times.

Do Your Clothes Make You Look Older Than You Are? — fighting the good fight against the hidden menace of thinking you’re fashionable but secretly looking O-L-D. Gasp!

How To Get Out Of Debt— This one’s priceless. These links are titled exactly how they are in the RSS feed; however, the actual article isn’t about how to get OUT of debt, but “Why We Are In Debt”. So under the guise of being helpful it attempts to shame you for “overspending”. Not all debt is credit card debt; my debt comes from schooling, needing a car for transportation to my first post-school job, and medical bills.

WTF, Real Simple?

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One Response to Quickie: Condescension in my reader

  1. Jarred H says:

    because all women must wear “stylish” clothing at all times.

    Well, of course! I mean, it’s your womanly duty to present yourself as pleasing to the Male Gaze at all times!

    (It’s obvious I’m being sarcastic, right?)

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