TPD pp131-134: A brief interlude

We’re now transported “a few states away”, to a deep valley where a cluster of buildings “nestled like a lonely outpost in the center of the valley floor”.

The ranch looked like a huge hive of hideous black insects. Several layers of ruthless warriors hovered almost stationary in a vast dome of defense over the complex, swords drawn, yellow eyes peering across the valley. Deep within this shell, demons of all shapes, sizes, and strengths darted about in a boiling mass of activity.

So… hell is a farm somewhere in the midwest? Demons don’t have a spiritual home, but a ranch they turned into some kind of complex? Do angels have a co-up up in Canada? What is this?

These were spirits from the principality levels, princes themselves of their own nations, peoples, tribes. Some were from Africa, some were from the Orient, several were from Europe.

Wow. Does that read as really fucking racist to anyone else? “All them brown and yellow people, they’re all lead by demons. Also the European countries we don’t like. Demons.”

And hang on, isn’t Principality a rank of angels?

Rafar is visiting a demon called The Strongman,”one of the few majesties intimate with Lucifer himself.” “Majesties” — so we’re against royalty as well as foreigners. Anyway, the impression is given that Rafar is meant to become the leader of America, with the Strongman being his boss. Strongman is unhappy that Tal is in town, and personally asks about “the man of God and the newspaper man”. Our heroes have to be mentioned, of course, they’re the heroes.

Rafar gloats and rages and is totally full of himself, as a demon should be.

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4 Responses to TPD pp131-134: A brief interlude

  1. JenL says:

    Wow. Does that read as really fucking racist to anyone else? “All them brown and yellow people, they’re all lead by demons. Also the European countries we don’t like. Demons.”

    Not to mention, they come in all shapes, sizes, and strengths – but they are all black with yellow eyes. Subtle…

  2. Skyknight says:

    Just “the Strongman”? Not even a proper name? If he’s that much of an ally with Lucifer, call him Agaliarept and you have yourself an apt name (unless the Grimoire Verum is somehow off limits as source material).

    I’m thinking that’s “yellow” as in your classic cat/serpent eyes, though.

    I think the reason only Europe, Asia, and Africa are mentioned as sources of demons is that until Iberian landfall, RTCs wouldn’t have thought demons NEEDED to be in the Americas; no mention of Yhwh or Jesus, so default perdition! (Not that all Spiritual Warfare books saw the situation that way; “The Veritas Plan” comes to mind here, although the demons were shown worried about the Pilgrims, not the Conquistadores’ attendant priests) Once Christians arrived (read: were guided by God to convert the natives, now that there were actually some NOT foreseen to always reject the Word), though, the situation became critical.

    Still, the idea of high-ranking demons having jurisdiction over specific lands, even continents, isn’t without grimoire precedent. I’m thinking of Cimejes, alleged by the Lesser Key of Solomon and/or Pseudomonarchia Daemonum to be in charge of all the demons of Africa.

  3. Skyknight says:

    Oh yes; “principalities” are mentioned most likely because of Paul’s saying that the struggle of believers is against “powers and principalities”, rather than earthly beings. It may have been BECAUSE of that statement that Pseudo-Dionysius placed those two echelons in his understanding of the angelic choirs (before that, only three classes of angels were recognized–seraphim, cherubim, and ophanim/thrones).

  4. Mau deKatt says:

    “The Strongman” is from a bit of biblical “prooftexting” that is a very big part of the whole “Spiritual Warfare” movement:

    In fact, no one can enter a strong man’s house without first tying him up. Then he can plunder the strong man’s house. (Mark 3:27)

    It’s from a passage where the Pharisees were accusing Jesus of casting out demons by the power of Satan, and Jesus says “would Satan cast himself out?”

    Now it’s been taken to mean that there’s an actual demon named “The Strongman” and believers have to “bind him” and cast him out.

    Or something like that.

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