Tea Time 8: Teavana!

I finally splurged on some Teavana teas to review! I did herbal teas this week; I was buying black for my mornings and wanted something a little different. Because we didn’t do one last week, we’ve gone a bit overboard this week

Sample: Citrus Lavender Sage by Teavana

Description: An herbal blend fit for royalty, this sublime bouquet of fruit and floral is a healthy pick me up for any time of the day. Citrusy orange, sweet pineapple and red delicious apples complement and soften to a smooth perfection with luscious lavender, sage and ‘superfruit’ sea buckthorn. SUPERFRUIT ENHANCED

Preparation: Steeped at 210 for about 6 minutes

Review: It has a good scent to it, nice and clear and floral and warm.  A first sip reveals a very floral, thin taste. Yami finds that sugar helps it reach its full potential, though she usually prefers honey in herbal tea. Then it becomes nice and sweet and fruity. Chaos also noted the “watery”ness of the tea, and Kae decided that he got all the notes but it was still pretty weak, and maybe we didn’t use enough.

Would Buy? Yami would if she was looking for an herbal tea and it wasn’t so pricey. The boys both agreed.

Special Note: Kae tried eating some of the tea after brewing. It was tasty, primarily because it was dried fruit steeped in hot water. So if you were wondering, this can be used as an emergency food supply in the event of a zombie invasion.


Sample: Peach Tranquility

Description: A harmonious happenstance, fruit and floral grant a short cut to Nirvana in this peaceful medley. Soft peach and sweetly effervescent pineapple gently fall across your palate, while calming Roman chamomile and lemon myrtle shower over you, creating a truly tranquil treat.

Preparation: Brewed at 208 for 6 minutes

Review: Also thin like the previous one, but this time with a syrupy peach flavor according to Yami. Sugar helps, but the peach flavor never gets very strong more of an aftertaste than a taste. Kae thinks it’s not bad – there’s peach but also some spice behind it, “not spicy-spicy, but I don’t want to say herbs, it’s not really herbs.” Chaos declares that “it’s a good herbal tea, but I don’t like peach flavor in general”.

Would Buy? Yami might not, knowing there’s better flavors. Kae thought he might, but indigestion an hour later changed his mind. Chaos hates peach.


One of the big pushes at Teavana is blending teas. So, we tried some blends recommended by the saleswoman at the mall location Yami shopped at. — one of the perks to driving to a mall rather than shopping online. Our blender of choice this week was Sakura Allure, a green tea said to blend well.

Sample: Peach Tranquility + Sakura Allure

Preparation: Steeped 5 minutes at 175F

Review: Kae declared that “the Sakura neutralizes a lot of the peach taste, so now it has kind of a… herb floral taste to it, with a bit of berry.” Chaos took a sip and went “Aaargh, still tastes like peach!” Yami notes that it’s still kind of weak without sugar, but with it’s nice, mellow, fruity, with a peach background.

Would Buy? Yami might. Kae would buy it too. Chaos hates peach.


Sample: Citris Lavender Sage + Sakura Allure

Preparation: Brewed at 175 for 2 minutes

Review: It has a nice floral/fruity bouquet, and a citrus/raspberry taste that’s actually quite nice. Kae thinks he would like it better without the citrus flavor, just the berry from the Sakura Allure. Yami drained her whole cup – the flavor just kept growing on her, making her  want more.  Definitely a pleasing blend. Kae decided he liked it in the end, and that it has “an awesome smell”. Chaos decided the blend is better than the tea alone, and “it’s not bad”, but he’s “not in love with it.” A theory was raised that the herbal teas are weak because they’re meant to be blended.

Would Buy? Yami would, and so would Kae. Chaos isn’t sure he’d buy them separate but upon finding out they can mix it at the store, he says he would.

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