So tired

I am so tired you have no idea. This morning my car almost drove itself off a cliff. Like, I put it in reverse and took my foot off the brake and it pulled half out of the space before my sleepy brain caught up. I’m talking three, five miles an hour, not just a bit of hill induced rolling. I braked, then let go. Same deal. Worried, I b braked, came to a complete stop, waited another moment, then changed to drive and let off the brake. The car lunged forward like it had done gas applied and almost drove off the lot into the steep hill and trees.

Chaos says it’s normal, but when I stop at stoplights it stays put.

I Wish I could sleep.

Posting this from my smartphone in the bathroom at work where I just realized I left my tea in the car which is forever away from my desk. Argh this day. Yesterday I managed to lock my keys in the car. This week…

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