TPD pp113-115: wait, what?

Rafar is pissed.

While he was talking to… someone… we’re not sure who… he is interrupted by the sounds of swords falling. Two of them, simultaneously. The demons who dropped them apologize frantically for the crime of interrupting Rafar’s conversation with plot.

For some reason, however, Rafar is interested in the swords. He stares at them. Then he becomes even more angry, whispering the name “Tal”.

Does anyone else understand what just happened here? Because I’m lost. Rafar rages and screams and throws swords around and I still have no idea what this is about. Are demons not supposed to have swords? Did they steal them from Tal? But then, wouldn’t that be a good thing, since they stole the enemy’s weapons? Or are the so-called demons actually angels in disguise? But then, why are they bowing and scraping before Rafar?

Rafar takes out his anger on poor Complacency, casting him into a bottomless pit he just opened up with his own sword. So I guess they do have swords. Rafar’s logic doesn’t make sense here, but I’m guessing that’s because he’s a brutish villain:

“You […] have failed because of this Tal!”

he claims, yet he punishes Complacency anyway, despite knowing it’s not his fault. RIP, Complacency. You had the most personality of all the demons.

Rafar goes back to the original two demons, who have retrieved their swords, yanking them about by the wings while he rages on and on about how awesome Tal is. Somebody write them a slash fic already. We do get mention of “Micheal” having sent Tal, so there’s at least a nod to the more canonical named angels.

This made me chuckle:

“Somewhere somebody is praying!”

Those words brought a chill over the group.

We’re left with the assurance that a trap has been laid for Busche and that poor Sandy is “already within [their] hands”. Oh no! First Complacency, now Sandy! All the best characters are being killed off šŸ˜¦

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4 Responses to TPD pp113-115: wait, what?

  1. Jarred H says:

    I think the whole idea here is that incredible demon warriors aren’t supposed to just randomly drop their swords, so when it happens, it must be a sign that Something Serious Is Up(tm).

    • yamikuronue says:

      Which just raises more questions, namely, “Why DID they drop their swords?”

      I’m now picturing Tal doing a random flyby just so his angel-aura will make the demons hiding underneath jump. “Boo! Hahaha oh man that never gets old.”

      • Jarred H says:

        The little prayer meeting involving Hank, Edith, and others is the root cause of the dropped swords. Remember, it’s that whole “prayer is a magical force that protects angels and confounds demons” thing. (You’ll see more and more of this as the story continues.)

        I think the point of this passage is that Rafar is realizing that he’s not dealing with a bunch of oafish angelic warriors who are just going to jump into open conflict, but he’s dealing with a strategist like Tal, someone who will bide his time, arrange to “rouse the saints” to the point where they start providing the magical prayer cover he needs to win when the overt battle begins.

        You know, plus this creates the excuse for Rafar to know his old enemy is in town. Finding Tal quickly becomes an obsession for him and a pretty important plot device.

        • yamikuronue says:

          OH! That was supposed to be simultaneous? It’s hard to tell sometimes when time is passing between passages; I read this as being a “later that day” sort of thing. Okay, now I understand better.

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