Happy Valentine’s day!

I paid the overpriced sums for some flowers for my partner:


Gorgeous, though not quite as advertised….


For $50 I’d expect the blooms to be open 😦


Next time I’ll pay exorbitant fees to a local florist and sacrifice the extra half hour (or more like several hours when you figure I might have to try multiple places) in order to be able to get an accurate idea what I’m buying ahead of time.

He loves them anyway 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I consider this a minor setback rather than a huge deal, but I wish for a world with more truth in advertising anyway.

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One Response to Flowers

  1. Mau deKatt says:

    Actually, they send them un-opened deliberately, so they’ll last longer. If you follow ProFLowers’ instructions on “proper setup” or whatever they call it, the blooms will open soon, and will last a good amount of time, longer than store flowers, usually.

    Roses that are already in full bloom usually don’t transport well; the petals get bent or crushed too easily. And the blooms will not last nearly as long if they get to you already fully open.

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