TPD pp 107-110: blah blah blah

This section’s pretty boring, sorry guys. I’m also still fairly under the weather, so I’ll keep this short.

It is now Saturday morning; Kate, as befits the wife, has gone grocery shopping alone, while Marshall, as befits the husband, merely gives a hand carrying the bags. After all, men lift heavy things and women do cooking and shopping. Marshall’s lowered himself to do his own secretarial work, at least, breaking up the 50’s vibe a little. Marshall summons Sandy to help with the weekly routine of unloading; Sandy proceeds to not speak or be mentioned again for another full page.

Joe sold the grocery store to strangers who barely speak English! Le gasp. I have absolutely no idea where this is going. Is there some hidden racism/anti-immigration message here? Immigrants are the devil? Or some other code I’m missing? Or is this just meant to give us a random glimpse into their lives instead of furthering the plot?

Sandy only pipes up to inform us “Something weird’s going on in this town”, then becomes sullen and silent again, sneaking away within two paragraphs.Again, I’m not sure what this passage adds; we already know what’s going on, and we know Sandy’s feeling the effects, so… yay?

This conversation reminds Marshall that he’s meant to be following the plot instead of dealing with advertising copy and groceries, so he calls Ted Harmel, the prior editor of the Clarion, to fish for information about Langstrat. Harmel tries to warn him off, indicating he probably knows the baddies were behind his departure, but Marshall is, in true heroic fashion, only more determined than ever to get to the bottom of this.

Next week: Hank does more talking with parishioners and we get more heavy-handed exposition. That’ll be fun.

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2 Responses to TPD pp 107-110: blah blah blah

  1. Daughter says:

    IIRC (and I may not be, since it’s been many years since I read this), the immigrant owners of the grocery store (who are from Italy, I think, so you know, not brown people) are the first ones to tell Marshall that they suspect demonic activity in the town. This allows Marshall to dismiss what they tell him, because you know how superstitious immigrants (read: foreign Catholics) are.

    • Jarred H says:

      Daughter: You’re thinking of Joe and his family, the old owners of the store. Marshall hunts them down and talks to them. No one ever really talks to the new owners. I don’t think they even make an appearance, though my memory on that point could be faulty.

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