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Drabblings and Musings 3

I can’t seem to focus today. So, babbling away. Snow Snow snow snow snow snow! Lots of snow. I slid about six times in my car, not to mention the faceplant I did trying to clear my car off. So … Continue reading

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TPD pp76-81: Demons dreaming, breathe in, breathe in~

My heart hurts for Sandy: Sandy Hogan sat dismally at a small┬álunch┬átable in a campus plaza shaded by an expansive grape arbor. [...] it had been a horrible way to spend the night, walking clear across town and sitting all … Continue reading

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On bodies and sleep

I noticed this morning that a lot of my internal narrative doesn’t make sense unless I consider my body a separate entity heavily linked to my self rather than part of it. I hesitate to brand this behavior healthy or … Continue reading

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TPD pp 74: Young’s Advice

“Do you think she’s happy, Marshall?” With those five (six) words, Young shows more concern for Sandy than Marshall has in the days of our following him. Marshall’s flippant response only heightens the contrast; he knows Sandy is unhappy when … Continue reading

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I had a bit of a nightmare last night; among other things, the totalitarian religious dictator altered all electronic dictionaries at once to remove 99% of the words in the English language so nobody could look them up to use … Continue reading

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Tea Time 1: The Tea Table samples

Welcome to the first edition of Tea Time with Yami! The cast is listed on the Tea page, above. Please do note that we’re total amateurs, entirely unpaid and prone to making mistakes, so take these reviews with a grain … Continue reading

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Alright, I give (Open Thread)

I’ve got nothing. There’s just nothing in my head today but work and song lyrics. (mm, classic rock songs. Totally Ana’s fault. Just saying.) Instead, have a bit of The Hunt and an open thread. Warning: Very rambley, unpolished writing: … Continue reading

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TPD pp 72-76: Marshall,Marshall, Marshall

Let us begin. Marshall had seen Bernice’s film. He had seen the minute scratches from some kind of mishandling: he had seen the clumsy fingerprints at regular intervals that could very well have been placed there by a hand pulling … Continue reading

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Updates on a wintery Wednesday morning

I’m alive! Here’s some news and drabbles. Update Schedule I’m going to strive for deconstructions tues/thurs and other posts mon/wed/fri, with weekend tea reviews. I’m sorry for the unexpected haitus; life kind of caught up to me. Posts may be … Continue reading

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