Tea Time 3: Adagio Teas Tropical Sampler

Today is the first of our samplers from adagioteas.com. I went a little overboard and bought a lot of samplers, so, you might see a lot more from them in the future. Let’s hope they’re good! We started with the most experimental flavors, since we only had time for two and Yami couldn’t drink more than a sip or two if she wanted to sleep that night.

Sample: Passionfruit Artisan Black Tea

Description: Our Passionfruit Black tea artfully combines the pleasantly sweet tropical flavor of a fresh passionfruit with the bright, lively taste of Ceylon black tea. Rich and heavy fruit-floral aroma. Sweet and very fruity flavor, lifted by the natural citrusy quality of Ceylon tea. Balanced astringency and slightly dry finish. All qualities that make this an excellent iced tea, too. So, if you’re passionate about great flavored teas, look no further.  Ingredients: black tea, natural passionfruit flavor, apple pieces, sunflower petals. Steeping: 1 teaspoon per cup, 3 minutes @ 212

Preparation: We used our new electric kettle for the first time on this, so we were assured our water was 212F. Steeped for three minutes. We used the entire .8oz sample for our 32oz teapot.

Review: Yami took one sip and boldly announced, “I don’t know what to feel about this cup. I am going to put it down.” Not much encouraged, Chaos tried his: “…the fuck?” Kae insisted he was still ‘waiting for it to cool’, but was coaxed into trying a sip:”It doesn’t really have a lot of taste.” . Yami finally found some words: it was weak, but had a strong floral aftertaste. And by floral, she means “it tastes like I ate flowers.” She added milk and almost gagged. Kae much approved of his after adding sugar: “It’s actually not too bad, I don’t really taste too much of the passionfruit or mango or I don’t really remember which flavor this was.” After adding milk: “Oh hey, mango! Or wait, passionfruit, it is passionfruit, not mango. Why does milk bring out flavor? Tea is weird.” Chaos declared it drinkable with three sugars; Yami promptly added more sugar and voila, creamy delicious goodness.

Would Buy? Kae decided it was “nothing special, but good”, though he pointed out it’s the first one he’s wanted a second glass of. Chaos insisted it gave him a stomach ache, so no. Yami might, if she was in the mood for drinking flowers — maybe if she wanted to have a fancy tea party with a floral theme? Would go well with light, buttery scones, maybe with some dates in it, and maybe a little cake with strawberries….

While Yami goes to eat more dinner, the next tea brewed.


Sample: Guanabana Black Tea

Description: Looking for something truly unexpected and exotic? Guanabana may be flavor you’re looking for. Not familiar with the flavor? Think of the candied flavor of strawberries and pineapple with a citrusy-tartness, mixed with bright, naturally citrusy Ceylon black tea. Quite a discovery! Steeping: 1 tsp per cup, 3 minutes @ 212.

Preparation: Exactly the same as above.

Review: It smells darker, somehow, noted Yami, before it was cool enough to drink. Yami tasted a sharp tang, almost bitter, on the first sip, but not much fruit. With milk, it brought out  a bouquet of… something. Sweet, vaguely fruity, with an undertone of bitter. Yami wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Chaos’ first sip: “What the fuck…? There’s some kind of flavor, but I’m not sure what it is.”

Kae: “Cannot tell if want. Seriously, I don’t.. what is this?” U[on having the description read to him: “I taste chocolate. Chaos looks like it peed on him.”

Chaos: “It tastes bitter to me.”

Would Buy? Kae:”I like this one but I have no idea why. I, it has…. *mumbled* I don’t know.” Chaos: “Nah, I wouldn’t buy it. It still tastes bad. Bitter.” Yami: “I…. need another five cups to tell. It’s nice, though. Smooth.”

There won’t be a tea review next weekend, as we’ll be out of town for Ohayoucon. After that, we have adagio’s Silk Road and Berries samplers to play with.

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