I’d like to say my radio silence yesterday was part of the anti-SOPA protest, but while I’m against SOPA and PIPA 100%, it wasn’t. Instead, it was because I was in pain.

I’m still in pain, in fact. I had a 2-hour physical therapy session on Tuesday ($80), and was told I’ll need orthotics to correct my foot issues that are making the knee issues worse ($200). I’ve been in pain for two days from the intensity of the stretching. I’ve made another appointment ($80) for next week — they want to see me twice a week, but I’m thinking I’ll ask if I can start out with once a week for a while until I get some improvement then cut back to once a fortnight.

My credit card bill is skyrocketing despite my making $300 payments every month trying to bring it down. I can’t seem to get ahead. At least I’ll hopefully soon have better health.

Found this today: The Adult Privilege Checklist. If any of you are parents, please keep these things in mind when dealing with your children. I suffered for years rebelling against the idea that I was less of a person, less worthy of respect and consideration and politeness, because of my age; I don’t want to see that happen to others. Too often parenting is all about the parent and his/her needs: child is being loud, child must be scolded or hit until child stops being loud because parent has a headache. It ought to be about the child: child is being loud, find reason why child is being loud and address whatever need isn’t being met and/or redirect play to an appropriate area where loudness is more acceptable.

Now back to my reading pro-body blogs and trying to ignore the pain in my leg.

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