TPD pp76-81: Demons dreaming, breathe in, breathe in~

My heart hurts for Sandy:

Sandy Hogan sat dismally at a small lunch table in a campus plaza shaded by an expansive grape arbor. […] it had been a horrible way to spend the night, walking clear across town and sitting all night in the Ashton bus depot reading from her psychology textbook […] when she awoke, her world was no better and she had only two impressions, hunger and loneliness.

Now, sitting at this little table with a machine-vended lnuch, her loneliness was stealing away her hunger and she was on the brink of tears.

“Why Daddy? […] Why can’t you just love me for what I am?”

[…] she knew it wouldn’t work; Daddy would make demands and place conditions on their relationship instead of loving her, just loving her.

All the love in the world, Sandy! I don’t have much to say other than I wish you were real so I could give you a huge hug and make it better .

A mysterious young man steps up in my place, however, and offers to help…. mysteriously. he’s blond, at least, he might be an angel! But he’s probably evil.

And then… well… things get a little weird. I suggest this song for ambiance:

Juleen Langstrat is, apparently, a practitioner of some kind of evil witchcraft. You can tell this by looking at her apartment, decorated with “strange oriental masks”. You can tell by her actions: her arm “making gentle sweeping motions as if she were treading water”, her face registering “pain and displeasure” as she “begins to moan”. You can tell by the way she talks as though she knows Brummel’s every thought: “You don’t feel well today”, “Don’t lie to me”, “You’re. . . frightened, you feel cornered, you went to tell Oliver. . . you also feel controlled.”

Oliver Young is a practitioner of some kind of evil witchcraft as well. You can tell because Langstrat says he “is very close to the Universal Mind”, that she’s “beginning to meld with his thoughts.”

I’m honestly too exhausted to properly rip into this passage, but I’ll give it a shot. First of all, what the hell is she doing? Some kind of exotic  dance move? I don’t know of a single majikal practice that involves the breaststroke. Maybe I’m just sheltered.

Why does whatever she’s doing hurt? And if it hurts, why is she doing it for no reason? Seriously, all she’s using it for is to show off to Alf that she already knows what’s going on.

What’s going on is apparently that Brummel is terrified that Hogan will find out about The Plan, capital P. You can tell they’re evil because they want to use Sandy to get to him – LEAVE SANDY ALONE! The poor girl has suffered enough!

Langstrat gets quite a bit creepy:

“If you are not happy with our relationship, I can always have it terminated.”

He looked down, muttering a bit. “It’s– it’s okay.”


“I mean I’m happy with our relationship.”

“Truly happy?”

He felt desperate to appease her, to get her to let go of him. “I…I just don’t wan things to get out of control…”

She gave him a slow, vampirish kiss. “You are the one who neds more control.”

One, CREEPY STALKER VIBES. Two, a vampire kiss sounds very… painful. I’m assuming she bit his tongue bloody. Three, relationship blackmail is not cool, kids.

Soon [Langstrat] had arranged in neat piles the life histories, personality profiles, and current photographs of Marshall, Kate, and Sandy hogan.

Four, stalking is creepy! At least I can dislike these villains. They’re just not cool. Even if they are really bad stereotypes of neopagans/liberals.

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2 Responses to TPD pp76-81: Demons dreaming, breathe in, breathe in~

  1. Jarred H says:

    One of the things you’ll find with the book is that the villains tend to be two-faced. Brummel and Young tend to be pleasant and nice around others, but when alone with the other (Human) Masters of Evil, they turn into people almost as bad as Langstrat (who is always portrayed as evil, quite possibly because she’s a woman. (I wish I could say I was joking about that last part)).

    I think the message is intentionally clear: Most or even all liberal pagans are like this. Oh, sure, we might be sweet and whatnot in the public eye, but we’re downright evil when we think no one is looking. After all, this book was originally published in 1986 when the propagators of “Satanic panic” (such as Mike Warnke) were still fairly influential.

  2. Omskivar says:

    The phrase “slow, vampirish kiss” reminds me of bad fanfiction where the author describes their characters as wearing “goth clothes” or as looking like a celebrity only with a different hairstyle. It’s lazy shorthand relying on the audience’s knowledge of pop culture to avoid having to actually describe anything.

    Poor Sandy needs a bus ticket out of this place. I suggest the opposite side of the country.

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