Updates on a wintery Wednesday morning

I’m alive! Here’s some news and drabbles.

Update Schedule

I’m going to strive for deconstructions tues/thurs and other posts mon/wed/fri, with weekend tea reviews. I’m sorry for the unexpected haitus; life kind of caught up to me. Posts may be spotty in the near future but I’ll work my way back up to a normal update schedule.


The tea I had this morning is just awful. I’ve had three sips and can’t bring myself to drink any more. All I taste is bitter, even after two cubes of sugar and some soymilk. Blech. I’m not looking forward to this weekend’s samples (from the same company) if this is how they taste. My domestic partner brewed it, but he swears he only steeped it for 3 minutes (the time on the package), the same method as my usual tea.

The tea is the basic English Breakfast by The Tea Table. The samples I have for this weekend are Caramel, Blood Orange, and Winter White Earl Grey. Hopefully at least one of those will be less bitter!



I love snow. Well. Okay. I love snow but I hate cold and slippery. So I basically love snow from inside a warm building or vehicle. Still… PRETTY. I had to brush almost 6 inches off my car yesterday, resulting in my being late to work, and two days in a row now I’ve had trouble getting out of the unplowed parking lot (should I get different tires or something? And what’s the best way to restore traction when I’m sliding sideways or stuck on a snow drift?).

With windchill, the perceived temperature this morning was 2 degrees F. Yikes. Good thing I collect hats, scarves, and gloves.


Not going well. I’m zonked for creativity this week. Oh well. C’est la vie de la writer. (I don’t actually speak French, I’m horrible with languages).  I’m considering doing Writing Wednesdays, where I either share a piece or talk about how my process is coming. Would that be interesting to people?


I’m starting to feel the restrictions of the wordpress website, which means it’s time to stretch my wings and move to my own hosting. I’m putting it off, though, until I manage to procure paid hosting, since my little box in my living room is a bit unreliable.

On the plus side, do notice the new sidebar on the right that details what I’m up to. It’ll work better when I have daily updates to draw people here, but I’m working on that. I suspect weekend posts will be easier once I move to a place with an office – a pipe dream that keeps being pushed back further and further the more life beats on me. Originally I’d hoped to pay off my credit card this month, pay some personal debts in the next month or two, and then move, but now with car repairs it’ll be another couple months before I can pay off the card and who knows what other debts will crop up by then…

Not helping. Moving on.


With two long weekends in a row due to holidays, I actually had time for gaming! 😀

The Elite Four in Pokemon Black is hard! D:

I hate levelgrinding, so I was excited to hear Black and White supposedly didn’t require much. Hah. Big fat lie. I’m on my third round of levelgrinding in the hopes I can beat them this time through. Also, Minecraft. I’m building a big redstone circuit for my multiplayer server — or at least, I will be, once I figure out how to do it without losing my clock state. Turns out, redstone states are only evaluated when someone’s standing near enough to observe, meaning when everyone logs out, my clock will stop ticking and thus my circuit will stop moving.

But hey, on the plus side, finally a use for all the circuit designing I had to learn in my quest to become a web developer XD

(Are smilies bad? Should I not use smilies? I feel like this place is informal enough for them.)


…oh lord, someone did something stupid at work again. I’m just going to stop here. Maybe I’ll work up a real post later to make up for missing so many days.

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