Today my anxiety got the better of me. There won’t be a post; the post I was planning is in my draft box, so maybe someday I can spruce it up and post it. I figure if this happens in the future I’ll post pictures of cats as a backup plan.

Today’s post was going to be about triggers. It wasn’t posted because it got too personal.

This is my stepcat, gnawing on my wand from when I was practicing Wicca. I thought that was amusing at the time.

This isn’t my cat, but it looks a lot like him. I miss my cat 😦

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2 Responses to Cats

  1. Jarred H says:

    Such adorable pictures!

    Tangent time! I’m curious, when you were a practicing Wicca, were you solitary or in a coven? Eclectic or more traditional? I’m curious because it’s my experience that it’s somewhat rare for a person to refer to a practitioner as a Wicca rather than a Wiccan. Also, I’d spitball that 99% of the people I know who use the former rather than the latter are Initiates of the Gardnerian, Alexandrian, or related traditions.

    I hope you’re able to come back to the post on triggers at some point. Perhaps finding a way to make it less personal (assuming that’s even possible) is in order?

    • yamikuronue says:

      That was actually my brain derailing mid-sentence; I meant to write “when I was practicing Wicca”. I much prefer “Wiccan” or “witch” to refer to a practitioner and have only heard “Wicca” used to mean “Wiccan” on Buffy >.> I suspect I was in the middle of the sentence when the test I was running concluded on my other machine.

      I was solitary-ish, in that I didn’t have a coven but did end up teaching others and became sort of a mentor for them. I was fairly eclectic; I basically went with what seemed to work for me and discarded the things that didn’t.

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